In this section, you will find a number of publications, webinar recordings, conference presentations and interviews, as well as video tips which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Taking responsibility for professional development'. From advice on how to teach primary-aged students to supporting adult learners in the EFL classroom, the content you will find here is practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your teaching and planning for all kinds of learners.

2 February, 2012
Alan Waters and Maria Luz C. Vilches Effective in-service training (INSET) is vital for both teacher development and...
11 January, 2012
Watch a recording of this webinar with Ann Foreman about using social networks for professional development.  
14 November, 2011
Viv Edwards and Daguo Li  This paper covers the impact of continuing professional development in China. 
26 September, 2011
This book, from 1990, looked at the practical benefits for teachers of classroom research.
26 September, 2011
Originally published in 1987, this book aimed to address teachers’ needs according to context.
26 September, 2011
This volume dates from 1979 and is a gem for anyone interested in the early days of university level ELT qualifications...
26 September, 2011
This book was produced following the Hornby workshop on language improvement for teachers in Senegal in 2009.
26 September, 2011
Published in 1981, this slim volume is concerned with helping teachers to develop the commitment to and capacity for...
15 June, 2011
Reflective teaching means looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about why you do it, and thinking about if...
27 April, 2011
The British Council and IATEFL are pleased to launch a new handbook called Running an Association for Language Teachers.
11 April, 2011
A selection of papers presented at IATEFL 2010 by the British Council.
7 December, 2010
"Nice board work." This was a killer phrase back in the days before the invention of the interactive whiteboard. It...
18 June, 2010
The latest in our series of video tips is about being a teacher. What's important to you as a teacher? How do your...
27 January, 2010
All academic institutions have to demonstrate their commitment to providing effective teaching. Peer observation has an...
Personal Learning Networks - resources article - guest writers
18 November, 2009
I'm fortunate enough to be able to go to quite a few face-to-face conferences every year, generally as a speaker,...
21 October, 2009
Previously, I looked at all the basic questions we can ask about being an English language teacher trainer, educator or...
7 October, 2009
Experienced teachers sometimes ask themselves the question, 'Am I ready to be a teacher trainer?'
13 February, 2009
Lifelong learning and continuous professional development in my opinion are much the same thing.
12 December, 2008
Which voices do you hear in the course of your professional life, as you prepare, teach and reflect? Which ones are the...
2 December, 2008
Over my years of learning, teaching and training I have become increasingly aware of the impact that teachers can and...
27 February, 2008
This handbook has one simple purpose: to provide some practical suggestions for language teachers.
27 February, 2008
The Language Assistant manual was written as a guide and handbook for novice English language teachers.
28 December, 2007
Action Plan for Teacher s is a practical guide for teachers of English.
Professional competence 1 - methodology article
28 March, 2003
Here is a selection of top tips to help teachers of English develop their professional competence. They cover issues of...
Professional competence 2 - methodology article
28 March, 2003
Here is a selection of top tips to help teachers of English develop their professional competence. They cover issues of...
Repertoire - methodology article
15 January, 2003
All teachers have a variety of techniques and activities that they regularly use - their repertoire.
12 March, 2018
In this webinar Simon Borg discusses the importance of teacher evaluation and ways of designing teacher evaluation...
4 April, 2017
British Council Teaching for Success is the British Council’s approach to teacher development in state education...
10 February, 2017
Much has been written about Teacher Action Research. 
28 July, 2016
Sinead Laffan shares some simple development activities which teachers can undertake in their own practice.