In this section, you will find a number of articles, which have been written to help you develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher in the professional practice 'Integrating ICT'. From primary-aged students to adult learners of English, the articles you will find here are practical, insightful and full of ideas to support your teaching and planning for all kinds of classrooms.

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Audio exchange project - speaking article

I was teaching a monolingual group of 12 teenagers (15-17) at upper-intermediate level who were following a course book. The students...


Sometimes looking back can help us look forward. My talk - The History of Video in ELT, given at the Image conference – came about as a...


This article takes a look at blogging, which is becoming increasingly popular as a language learning tool.

Controversies in using technology in language teaching - speaking article - guest writers

In his first article for TeachingEnglish, Pete Sharma considers some of the controversies surrounding the use of technology in and out...

Designing a WWW reading task - reading article

The world wide web offers a myriad of opportunities for authentic English reading texts.

Google and the lexical approach - resources article

The web is a limitless source of linguistic examples for your students. Google (and other search engines) can be used to organise and...

ICT, vocabulary and motivation - resources article

These days, using information and computer technology (ICT) really motivates students. This article looks at practical examples that...

Low-tech learners - resources article

Many teachers who have tried to take an English class onto the internet have often come back with a similar problem - students who are...

Motivation and e-learning - personal reflections - resources article

E-learning sites range from static Web pages to interactive learning classrooms. This article concentrates on interactive learning...

On being resourceful... - speaking article - guest writers

This is the first of two articles by Gavin Dudeney for TeachingEnglish, during his month on the site as Guest Writer.


In this article I am going to explore the use of short video clips in the classroom. 


What are podcasts, why might your students benefit from listening to them, and how might you go about using and producing them?


We are now living in the age of the moving image. The advent of the digital revolution and the Internet, the proliferation of mobile...

Teaching online - methodology article

When, in a speech in Cape Town in 1966, Robert F Kennedy invented the 'ancient Chinese curse', "May he live in interesting times" he...

Using Social Media in the Classroom - resources article

I’m a big fan of social media. Facebook, Twitter, blogging platforms and other ‘web 2.0’ sites offer users the ability to publish their...

Using the internet 1 - resources article

In this, and a following article, we'll be looking at the internet and how it can be used by teachers of English as a tool for their own...

Using the internet 2 - resources article

In this, and an earlier article, we look at the internet and how it can be used by teachers of English as a tool for their own...


When I first started teaching, the schools I worked in had ‘a’ computer that a few classes shared. Here are a few tips for activities...


I consider the greatest problem facing me as a language teacher is knowing how to motivate my students: how to get them past the hurdle...


This first article will give an introduction to some of the issues surrounding video with young learners. It will discuss the benefits...


This second article concentrates on classroom activities. The way the video is used and the materials prepared for use with the video...

Video exchange project - speaking article

This article examines how a video exchange project can stimulate motivation and interest by providing such a context.

Video recorders in the classroom - speaking article - guest writers

I have just become an uncle! My new nephew Tomás is three weeks old today. 

Webquests - resources article

As more students gain access to the Internet, there is growing pressure on teachers to help their students use this valuable resource as...