Find a range of publications and research, as well as engaging and informative webinar and conference recordings from ELT experts around the world, that are relevant to the professional practice 'Understanding educational policies and practices'.
29 October, 2018
This article looks at working with students who have suffered trauma and suggests ways in which teachers can address this in the English language classroom.
26 October, 2018
This webinar is aimed at teacher educators who are involved in mentoring colleagues. The presenter, Doina Fleanta, explores the skill of 'noticing'.
26 September, 2018
Innovation and Systemic Improvement in Quality English Language Teaching. Regional Policy Dialogue, 21-22 September 2017, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
20 September, 2018
This book contains stories from the Champion Teachers Peru programme, showcasing and celebrating ten English language teachers' efforts to deepen their understanding and improve their practice via...
10 September, 2018
Discover strategies for creating a positive learning environment with this self-access development resource.
25 July, 2018
Develop your understanding of using inclusive practices in the classroom by examining the concept of diversity and inclusion.
16 May, 2018
Develop effective feedback strategies for students' writing with our self-access training or downloadable resources for the training room.
8 May, 2018
Watch the recording of this webinar with Jo Gakonga (Warwick University /
27 April, 2018
This non-academic research book demonstrates ten teacher educators' professional reflective journeys through action research.
14 March, 2018
We all seem to talking about inclusion and the importance of it.
26 February, 2018
I started working as a teacher of English and drama at a primary school in Hamburg last September, after working in the private sector for 15 years.
23 February, 2018
This research study used eyetracking methods to investigate how adults and young learners process readings which combine text, audio and pictures.
13 February, 2018
In most groups of learners there will be some obvious differences that everyone can see (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity).
6 February, 2018
The University of Warwick and IATEFL Research SIG jointly hosted a panel discussion on Thursday 8 February on the topic of ‘Video in English language teacher education’.
2 February, 2018
Storytelling has become the new buzz in ELT, which is logical when you consider that it’s one of the few wholly authentic activities that we do in the classroom.
16 January, 2018
This review assesses an international body of educational literature on teacher evaluation and draws on this to make recommendations for the evaluation of teachers in English language teaching.
22 November, 2017
This paper aims to open up discussions on the role of English in multilingual education and be of practical help to policy makers, advisers, project managers, and English language teachers.
15 November, 2017
This volume takes stock of contexts around the globe in which English is being used and taught as a means of alleviating conflict and promoting security, stability and peace.
15 November, 2017
This book describes how the British Council has been working closely with the Venezuelan Education Ministry to strengthen the teaching of English in state schools.