PrimaryIdeas, materials and tips for teaching younger learners. The Primary tips content here comes from our site for Language Assistants.

      LearnEnglish kids


      The alphabet

      The alphabet is one of the fundamental teaching points at primary level and needs to be frequently recycled and practised using a variety of different activities. On the LearnEnglish Kids website you will find a wide range of activities and materials for teaching and practising the alphabet.


      The environment

      The environment is a rich cross-curricular resource to explore and broaden our children’s knowledge of the world and heighten their awareness of environmental issues.


      The human body

      The human body is a wide-ranging, interesting topic which can be used to teach not only language skills, but also has cross-curricular links which can be exploited in class.


      The seasons

      On the Learn English Kids website you can find a wealth of materials for teaching about the seasons. This is a wide-ranging topic touching on what happens in each season, how seasons differ around the world, why we have seasons and animal behaviour throughout the seasons.


      The Tooth Family

      The Tooth Family is a flash-animated song available online on the British Council’s site for young learners LearnEnglish Kids.

      Primary tips


      Using Opposites

      This is a lesson designed to help learners understand and remember opposite adjectives. Many of the techniques used here could be used for teaching other words or adjectives too.


      Using the Internet with Younger Learners

      When I first started teaching, the schools I worked in had ‘a’ computer that a few classes shared.


      My English classroom

      Throughout the year you’ll be using classroom language and it’s important for children to be introduced to it very early on so that they can understand what you want them to do. Giving clear, simple instructions is not always easy. Here are some tips to help you make yours effective.


      All about me

      With very young learners much of what they do in the classroom revolves around them. Before school they are often the centre of ‘their’ universe so starting school can sometimes be a bit of a shock.


      Working in pairs and groups

      The tendency with primary learners is to treat the class as a whole group and underestimate their ability to work in pairs or in small groups. Even very young learners can become independent in their learning and guided early on they will be more likely to grow into autonomous and successful language learners.