PrimaryIdeas, materials and tips for teaching younger learners. The Primary tips content here comes from our site for Language Assistants.

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      On the Learn English Kids website you can find a wealth of resources and activities to help children develop their English skills. Here are tips for using and exploiting materials about the topic of clothes, including vocabulary work, skills work to practise reading and listening, and suggestions for further development and creative work.


      Family and friends

      On the LearnEnglish Kids website you can find a variety of materials for teaching about Family and Friends. The topic covers personal descriptions, family relationships, daily routines and what makes a good friend.



      On the LearnEnglish Kids website you will find many activities to practise the topic of food. The topic covers the vocabulary areas of basic foods, fruit and vegetables as well as cooking, recipes and healthy eating.


      Goldilocks and the Three Bears

      Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a traditional story - children have listened to this story for many years. Goldilocks is a young girl who lives in a forest. One day she goes into a house - but she doesn't know that three bears live there!



      Happy Halloween from the team at LearnEnglish Kids! There are lots of activities for Halloween on our site and you will find most of the content here:

      Primary tips


      Farm animals

      Children love units connected with animals and farm animals can provide lots of fun opportunities to practise sounds and phonics.


      Creepy Crawlies

      This can be done over a series of lessons as part of an ongoing project, dedicating each lesson to a different insect, or otherwise as one lesson. Children love squeamish subjects so you may find that they want you to extend what you originally planned to do.


      Parts of the body

      A Vocabulary lesson with Speaking and Listening for Very Young learners


      The Multi-Cultural Primary Classroom

      You may find in your primary English class that you have children who struggle with the school language in their first year of primary school because they have a different home language. How will this affect your classroom when teaching English to 1st year primary? How can you cater to their needs? How can you simplify the language so that all your 6 year olds can learn?


      A Christmas Lesson

       This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop students vocabulary. It includes a song and some fun colouring and drawing activities.