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TeachingEnglish: our global home for teachers of English. Find lesson plans, ideas, tools for teachers and much more.
EnglishAgenda: find out about the British Council's work in English, from research in English language teaching to ELT events, partnerships and projects.
LearnEnglish: activities for adults learning English. If you’re studying for work, for an exam or just for fun, there’s something here for you.
LearnEnglish Kids: fun and games for kids learning English up to 12 years old, as well as information and advice for parents and teachers.
LearnEnglish Teens: where teenagers can get ahead and have fun learning English, with engaging articles and activities on teenage topics, plus a section to support teens with exams.
Premier Skills: learn two of the world's global languages here – English and football!

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TeachingEnglish - interviews with teaching experts and clips from classrooms.
LearnEnglish - videos and clips to help adult learners of English.
LearnEnglish Kids - songs and stories to use with your children or students.
LearnEnglish Teens - uploads from our site for teenagers.