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Here you can find out about upcoming webinars and recorded talks from experts in the field of English Language Teaching. Our webinars are usually held monthly and are completely free. Certificates are available for all attendees.

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09 Feb 2020

Watch a recording of Martyn Clarke's webinar for teacher educators, looking at reflective talk.

03 Feb 2020

Watch a recording of our webinar with Tracey Chapelton looking at speaking activities with primary-aged learners.

19 Dec 2019

Watch a recording of the webinar 'Storytelling for diverse voices' with David Heathfield and Alla Göksu.

02 Dec 2019

Watch a recording of our webinar about researched and practical ideas for an inclusive classroom.

16 Nov 2019

This webinar recording discusses the challenges face by those involved in observation and feedback.

13 Oct 2019

Watch a recording of our webinar 'What makes a good remote teacher?'.

26 Aug 2019

Watch a recording of our webinar with ELTons award winners Digital Learning Associates and their website Ready to Run. Elena and Amir...

01 Jun 2019

In this webinar recording, Nelson Arditto and Nora Touparlaki explore ways of making mentoring programmes successful.

03 May 2019

Watch a recording of this 1-hour webinar on cross-cultural awareness with Dr. Susan Barduhn.

01 May 2019

In this webinar we discuss the recent increased interest in teacher research engagement by English language teachers and the need for...

10 Apr 2019

Watch a recording of this webinar on developing extensive reading skills with Ceri Jones.

17 Mar 2019

This webinar with Judy Boyle looks at how to integrate difficult topics in the language classroom.

13 Mar 2019

Can we say that our school systems are inclusive and we practise what we preach? Phil Dexter, Maria Jose Galleno, and Suzanne Mordue...

01 Feb 2019

Watch a recording of our webinar with ELTons winners Dr Susan Russak and Dr Richard KS Wong.

21 Dec 2018

Watch a recording of Chris Roland's webinar 'Talking to teenagers in the English language classroom'.

29 Nov 2018

Pronunciation straddles two domains: it is part language - like grammar or vocabulary, and part skill - like speaking or listening.

29 Oct 2018

This one-hour talk by Cheryl Palin and Katherine Bilsborough looks at writing stories for Primary ELT.

29 Oct 2018

This webinar with Gail Ellis looks at using picturebooks with primary.

26 Oct 2018

This webinar is aimed at teacher educators who are involved in mentoring colleagues. The presenter, Doina Fleanta, explores the skill of...

23 Oct 2018

Katie Quartano and Paul Shaw's practical talk shows how Disabled Access Friendly’s award-winning resources can help teachers explore...

23 Oct 2018

This webinar is for experienced teachers of English as a Foreign Language who are interested in becoming teachers of teachers in pre-...

23 Oct 2018

Based on research into peer observation systems that work (and ones that don't) this webinar seeks to present some ideas for helping...

23 Oct 2018

In this webinar Silvana Richardson shows strategies and simple digital recording tools which can be used to ensure that the information...

23 Oct 2018

Dr. Chris Lima discusses the ways of teaching Shakespeare to English language learners in order to make them familiar with his plays...

23 Oct 2018

The 'English My Way' programme provides meaningful professional development to ESOL teachers with little previous training in community...

23 Oct 2018

An invitation to learn from the author about the world of Little Bridge, the award-winning English Language Learning website/platform...

23 Oct 2018

All teachers want their students to be successful but are we including thinking skills, that will become life skills, with the four...

23 Oct 2018

This webinar looks at the creative use of web tools and digital environments to deliver successful learning outcomes.

23 Oct 2018

Using examples from their new primary course Oxford Discover, co-authors Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina demonstrate in this webinar...

23 Oct 2018

Watch the recording of a webinar held on World Refugee Day (20 June) describing how the British Council's Certificate in Secondary...