Paul Braddock

I've been involved in English language teaching for over ten years, having worked in several countries, including Japan, Hungary and Portugal. I'm now based in Barcelona, where I manage the TeachingEnglish website. My great interest is teacher development and, over the last few years, I have become increasingly interested in the use of technology in the classroom and as a tool for professional development. 

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Neil Ballantyne

Neil BallantyneMy name is Neil Ballantyne and I work as part of the TeachingEnglish team helping develop and manage our online teacher training courses. I have specialised in the use of learning technologies in the classroom and online learning. I’ve been working for the British Council since 1999, in Thailand, Azerbaijan and Hong Kong, where I have been since 2004.
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Ellen Darling

I have been an English teacher since 1992 and a teacher trainer since 1998. I have worked in Spain, Colombia, Italy, Egypt, Morocco and Qatar. I am particularly interested in teaching YLs, using authentic literature, CLIL, continuing professional development and teacher training. I have written learning and training materials for the British Council and other ELT publishers. I work at the British Council in Naples and am the Web Editor for EnglishAgenda, the British Council website which showcases our work in ELT and research around the world.

Fitch O'Connell

Fitch O'ConnellI have worked as a teacher in state schools in the UK and in ELT for many years, and have worked for the British Council (based in Portugal) since 1992. For the past six years or so I have been developing classroom models for incorporating literature in the teaching of English and exploring the role that creative reading and writing can have in enhancing intercultural dialogue and reinforcing critical thinking as teaching resources. One project I've been responsible for is BritLit, which you can find on this site.
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Sally Trowbridge
Sally Trowbridge

Sally has taught children, teenagers and adults in the UK, Egypt, Palestine and Spain. She lives in the beautiful city of Barcelona and currently divides her working life between working as part of the team on TeachingEnglish, coordinating on LearnEnglish Kids, writing materials for LearnEnglishTeens, and teaching young learners at the British Council. She has also co-written course books and teachers books for McGraw Hill.

Rachael Ro
Rachael Ro

I have taught both adults and kids in various places around Asia and Europe, but now I specialise in primary and early secondary teaching. I have a strong interest in teaching CLIL and looking at ways of using learning technologies in class. I also enjoy materials creation and devising projects and activities for teachers to use. As well as being part of the TeachingEnglish team, I'm one of the coordinators over on LearnEnglish Kids, and spend the rest of my work time teaching young learners at the British Council.

Ann Foreman
Ann Foreman

I’m a classroom teacher and teacher trainer based in Bilbao, Spain. I suppose the issues that fire me most are finding the best ways of using new technology in my classroom and coming to terms with the changing the needs and aspirations of learners in today’s digital world. I belong to the British Council’s English Language Innovation team, which I really enjoy, because it gives me the opportunity to make regular contributions to its TeachingEnglish Facebook page and work on developing new teaching and learning applications such as: What kind of teacher are you?

Del Spafford 

Del Spafford is a senior teacher with the British Council in Bangkok. He has been teaching for nearly 15 years and has worked in Poland and Indonesia. His responsibilities include ICT and he is interested in this area of teaching. He has produced materials for TeachingEnglish and the British Council IELTS newspaper product. In addition he has had English language teaching materials published several times in the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s largest English language newspaper. 

Chris Baldwin 
Chris Baldwin

Chris Baldwin is an elearning consultant interested in CLIL, CALL, and written error correction. He currently lives in Hong Kong with his wife and kids. He works on developing online teacher training courses.

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Dear collegues, you cant even imagine what great job you are doing!!! I am a teacher trainer and your pages help me lot!!! Thank you that we have you!!!

Dearest collegues, many thanks again for accept me as a colleague. I´ve been teaching English Language, Grammar and Culture for many years and I do love it. All of you can´t imagine how your team and programme have helped me and my students to improve our English. God bless you all!

I am new to this. I find this group . website very useful to English Teaching community . Let me be a part of it to learn and teach.

Dear All, I'm glad to meet you all. I retired from an Int'l Big Oil Company a month ago, and planned to start teaching english for kids. Is it possible for me to get a tool for teaching english like videos, etc. Best regards, Fachruddin S (Fach)

hello,hello !I'm Naduk ,from Romania, and I'm very happy to be here with you to share and find new things,to learn and  use whatever I can ,when in need. All the best to you all !

Oh at last I have got a site to solve my confusion. Sir u really don’t know how much I m entrusted in such websites. I hope u will answer me. I want to know the correct word of fruit.  I'm from Pakistan. We divide sugar cane into small pieces. We peal off them one by one and eat.  In Urdu we say them  ''gandarian''. I want to ask the proper word of English of ''gandarian''.  I asked this question from my teacher he advised me to concern from u.   Oh answer me hurry so that I can tell my class mates

Dear Editor,
i am so lucky i found your page. i am currently writing up my phd thesis on Group interaction in ESL classrooms in Malaysia and need to connect with teachers who are teaching ESL learners around the world. Keep up the great job, and i will later write up my findings and hope to publish very soon.

Hi dear collegues. I am an English teacher for 4 years and at first I find it difficult teaching English but now I am used to it an I am trying more and more to raise the students'knowledges.Thanks to you I am using your tips here and I see day by day that my students are improving English language. Thank you Again.see you and merry Christmas