In this section you will find links to web resources for English teachers sent in by contributors around the world.

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Category Conquest

Category Conquest is a vocabulary learning app with categories aligned to the CEFR. 

NILE ELT Glossary

The NILE ELT Glossary is a free resource consisting of over 150 terms and phrases from the world of ELT, each with fully-referenced definitions and suggestions for further reading.


ProLogo has a free interactive conjugator of English verbs arranged in a flow chart demonstrating the verbal phrase patterns for all combinations of tenses and modes.


Kahrds is an interactive learning website which teachers can use for creating class or chapter notes, games, flashcards and tests.


This site enables teachers and students to create, play and share games to enhance the teaching and learning of any curriculum subject. It also includes a grade book for reviewing achievements and progress.


Dystefl provides freely accessible teacher training and self-study materials to support English language teachers when working with dyslexic learners.

Word Bucket

Word Bucket is a personal English dictionary, notebook and vocabulary learning game.

Fun Phonics

Fun Phonics is a free ibook, eBook and newsletter. It aims to help teach 4-6 year old children how to read and write using sounds by following video tutorials and activities.


University of Warwick

This is the website for the Centre for English Language Teacher Education of the University of Warwick. Here you can find information about advanced training and study opportunities for ELT practitioners, together with details of some of the research being undertaken at the centre.


This website is a place where people can put their pictures to share with others. You can search for images and students can add comments.


An interactive crime-solving activity where students are introduced to the scene of a crime, and are then asked to decide 'whodunit' based on information gathered by clicking on different parts of the scene.

Lingonet (software)

Lingonet produce a series of CD-ROMs offering the graded exploitation of authentic multimedia materials. 

Natural History Museum

An educational site with interactive activities for children. There are sections on dinosaurs and exploring. In the exploring section, you have to choose what to look for, apply for a (printable) permit, and then find it, photograph it, catch it and choose the section of the museum to record your data.

Nik's Learning Technology Blog

Teachers can find tips, ideas and resources on how to integrate learning technologies into their work on Nik's blog. You can search for entries on subjects such as IELTS, VOIP and language exchange.


WordNet, from Princeton University, is concerned with organizing words in synonym sets and with the relation between these sets.

International Children's Digital Library Foundation

This site is run by the charity International Children's Digital Library Foundation. Their aim is to prepare children for life in an ethnically and culturally diverse world by building the world's largest online multicultural repository of children's literature.


Abacus Communications Ltd (software)

This software company produces the business English CD-ROM series Let's Do Business.

An Insect's Perspective - WebQuest

This WebQuest asks learners to look at the world from an insect's perspective. They have to imagine that their habitat is under threat, and think about how they would convince the human beings responsible to reconsider.

Andersen Press (books)

This site contains selected extracts from a range of books offered on the site, with reading material for Young Learner age groups available for purchase.

Athelstan (software)

This software company distributes the Cobuild dictionaries/CD-ROMs, including the E-dict pronunciation dictionary, the student dictionary and the dictionary of collocations. They also produce the basic MonoConc concordancer and the professional MonoConc Pro 2.2 version. A downloadable demo of this is available from the site.

Australian Network Study English for IELTS

The Australian Network Study English site includes IELTS preparation. There is a series of English-language programmes for intermediate to advanced learners and their content draws on authentic material that students can watch, read and listen to plus study notes, tips and activities for practice and consolidation. dictionary offers translations in many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary. Special features include search filters, synonyms, pronunciation and sample sentences.

Bamboo DiRT

This wiki collects information about tools and resources that can help teachers and learners conduct research.

Barrington Stoke (books)

Barrington Stoke is a publisher that specialises exclusively in books for reluctant, dyslexic, disenchanted and under-confident young readers.


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