GamesHere you can find entertaining games which involve language use. If you have any favourite language learning games that work well with your students, why not contact us and send them in.

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      Stop the Bus

      This is a great game to revise vocabulary and you can use it with any age group and any level by changing the category headings.


      Gap Fill Gamble

      This is a game to make any gap-fill task or cloze texts (reading tasks with gaps) more exciting.


      In the Teacher’s Shoes

      This is great for the first class with a new group or when you come back to class after a holiday or even after a weekend.


      Christmas games

      These are some games which we associate with parties and Christmas celebrations in UK schools. They can be adapted for language learners of all ages and levels.



      This is a great game for those logical-mathematical thinkers.

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      Hot seat

      This is a good activity for getting your students going in the morning. It is also excellent for revising vocabulary.


      The Press Conference

      This is a great activity for practising question forms in a fun way and gives structured speaking practice to lower levels. 


      Grammar auction

      This is a teacher led auction. It can be played with mixed language points which are causing difficulty or on a specific area.


      Chain drawings

      This is a fun activity using music which can be used with all groups.


      What's on my head?

      This activity is an adaptation of the original Hedbanz and is good for practising or revising vocabulary in general or it can be related to a specific topic.

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      A Dark and stormy night

      The main focus of this activity is on developing writing skills, but it's also good for developing listening speaking and reading skills and also for practising past tenses, descriptive vocabulary and generally having fun.


      Back writing

      This is a good activity for restless younger classes.



      This childhood board game can easily be adapted for use in the language classroom.


      Chain drawings

      This is a fun activity using music which can be used with all groups.


      Change places…

      This is a great activity to get students moving about and practice some vocabulary or sentence structures.

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