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A Generation of couch potatoes

Theme: Health, fitness, lifestyles
Lexical area: Sports, recreational activities, frequency adverbs
Cross curricular links: Personal and social education

UK Educational System

Age range: 11 - adult
Theme: UK educational system
Lexical area: Education

Who does better?

Theme: Girls’ performance in the GCSE exams. UK exam system.
Lexical area: School subjects and exam related vocabulary
Cross curricular link: Relevant to all areas of the curriculum


Theme: Christmas
Lexical area: Christmas vocabulary

Reading house

Theme: Buildings and lifestyles, personal taste.
Lexical area: Buildings, features of buildings and decoration
Cross curricular links: History, Geography, Art


Theme: Halloween
Lexical area: Superstition
Cross curricular links: Personal and social education

Toys, fads and fashion

Theme: Toys, fashions and consumerism
Lexical area: Toys, definitions
Cross curricular links: History, social science, economics

School Discipline

Theme: School discipline, bad behaviour, punishments
Lexical area: Punishments, legal vocabulary
Cross curricular links: Personal and social education, law


Maths prodigies

Theme: child prodigies, education, home schooling
Lexical area: school subjects, university 

Computer Gaming

Theme: Computer games and their effects on young people
Lexical area: Computer language
Cross curricular links: Information technology, social studies, media studies

Child’s play

Theme: Childhood games – in connection with the recent ban of conkers and other typical playground games in UK schools.
Lexical area: Games and childhood activities. 

Football World Cup 2010

Theme: Football – 2010 World Cup and women’s football.
Lexical area: Sports


Theme: Graffiti
Lexical area: art, vandalism, museums


Theme: Religious diversity in the UK and the faith schools debate
Lexical area: Religions
Cross curricular links: Religion, Personal and Social Education

Freedom and you

Theme: personal safety and parental control
Lexical area: permission and obligation
Cross curricular links: personal and social education / citizenship / social science

Green fingers

Theme: gardening, growing your own food, finding food in the wild, guerrilla gardening
Lexical area: plants, food, gardens


A Boyhood Home

Theme: The National Trust, the restoration of John Lennon's childhood home and the life of Lennon
Lexical area: Historical periods, talking about past memories and life histories.
Cross curricular links: History, Music, Cultural Studies.

A fizzy drink and a bag of crisps

Theme: Talking about healthy eating and eating habits. The poor dietary habits of children in the UK and recent reports on child obesity.
Lexical area: food and drink, nutritional content of foods
Cross curricular links: Personal and social education, biology and the science of nutrition, Media Studies

A Generation of couch potatoes

Theme: Health, fitness, lifestyles
Lexical area: Sports, recreational activities, frequency adverbs
Cross curricular links: Personal and social education

A Multicultural Society

Theme: Immigration, demography, ethnic minorities
Lexical area: Countries, religions
Cross curricular links: History, geography, citizenship, citizenship


Theme: British Animation
Lexical area: Describing characters and expressing opinions

April Fool’s Day

Theme: April Fool’s Day
Lexical area: Jokes and hoaxes.

Bonfire Night

Theme: Bonfire Night in the UK
Lexical area: Festivals

Changing lives

Theme: Downshifting and the difference between rural lifestyles and urban lifestyles.
Lexical area: Adjectives to describe lifestyle, comparatives and descriptions of routines.
Cross curricular links: Personal and Social Education, Social Science, Geography.


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