Why you chose teaching as a profession?

Hi all, I'm happy that my profession is to teach English to all ages specially teenagers. I enjoy this job so much and my happiness reaches its utmost degree when I deliver a lesson and I feel it resulted in a great effect on my students. I feel that I open windows for them and lower walls in their realm of education. Will any teacher tell me why he or she chose to be a teacher? Cheers Soher Ahmed

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Chris Lima

Hi Soher

Nice to see you again! This is really a very interesting question, because in many countries being a teacher is one of the most difficult professions a person can have. I think most teachers feel that they have a mission and an ideal. Personally, I've decided to be a teacher because I believe only education can help us to construct a better world and a better future.

I really liked your metaphor of opening windows and lowering walls.

Cheers - Chris

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Hi Chris,

How nice to meet you again. Sorry for not writing to your group and I liked  your reply to my posting. The teacher has a sacred mission which he should believe in and of course without teachers there won't be any other jobs that help construct our world so we are the most important profession yet still there are those who don't believe in our job and mission yet. It's great to have such a wonderful dialogue with you. Are  there any other teachers to tell me why he or she chose to be a teacher ?

Soher Ahmed

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i have been asked this question for so many times.

my answer is:  i like English language myself, and i like teaching. being a teacher, i myself always feel young because i always face the youth.

Majorlv511 from China.

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Hi Majorlv511,

This is the most interesting reason for being a teacher. Yes, I do agree with you teaching means youth .You are young all the time, you meet young people while you teach them you live their ags and you feel young . A wonderful answer thank you . Any more reasons for being teacher ?

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Hi every body,

When I was only 3 years and 9 months I was forced to attend school. When I was 5 my dad made me wake up at 5 a.m (an un godly hour!) and made me learn spellings of words 'mountain' 'prime minister' and i wished that the alarm clock to be broken. But i always wanted to be a teacher. In an unplastered wall in my house there I corrected the lessons by putting ticks and crosses. I punished the wall by caning  bad children.

I became an English teacher by accident just for the pure need to get a job in a time when a few thousand graduates waiting for a job. I became a "difficult area" English teacher. I loved teaching students who didn't have a teacher for several years without knowing any methodolgy. I knew some nursery rhymes and songs which made their learning much happier. I took them under a mango tree where they could learn and sing 'here we go round the mango tree"

From that time on, it was not methodolgy that was the most important factor to me. It was the rapport /understanding between the teacher and student. I beleve after so many years i have motivated many students in learning English and trying to open the language  barriers

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Hi Molina ,

Your words are terrificly true. Teaching is not only a matter of methodology but a perfect understanding between a teacher and a student. If the teacher was able to bridge the gap between him and his students then the teaching process would be so easy to achieve. You said you didn't plan to be a teacher but you succeeded to be a good teacher and that's a great thing. If one loves his job, he will excel in it and succeed in it.  Love what you do then you'll succeed. It's a spiritual feeling that arises  between a teacher and a student. Don't lose hope teachers: our job is the most sacred one. Would any other teachers tell me why he or she chose to be a teacher?



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Back to 1994, I started my teaching career because I wanted to get some extra money and I had nothing to do during weekend.  Mom encouraged me to apply for a private English school near my home and I did.

I thought I had been given a kid class not an adult one. It was terrified me but I did well through my first class. That made me realised that I could become an English teacher even I'm not a native one.

I'm now a full-time English teacher in a company. My mom is very proud of me being a teacher. It makes my life worth living!

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Hi teachers,

I'm happy that I  posted my question about the teaching profession on the forum to receive such wonderful replies. I loved the words "teaching makes life worth living".  Yes, it's a sacred profession: a profession of giving more than waiting to take Yes, it's great to be a teacher, to be loved by your students who expect to learn a lot from you. Yes, teaching is a creative profession, it's a lovely profession if you love it and understand its mission. Any more teachers to tell why they chose teaching as a profession? All the best


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I have been teaching English since 1981 and recently opned my own Language School. I have been open for nearly 7 months and numbers are slowly increasing. We have 2 teachers and we teach a range of levels from beginner to advanced ESOL and First Certificate courses. Owning one's own school is an extremely interesting experience and I was wondering if anyone out there has had this expeience. It would be nice to hook up with others who either teach privately or have control of their own teaching environment.

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Hi Shantz,

It's great to have such a long experience in teaching and then to exploit this experience in a school owned by you. This means you adore this profession and you played a great role in your students' lives. It's a great aim. Any one else would like to tell why he or she chose teaching as a profession? Cheers