Teaching Basic English to the kids of a village

      I am working on a E-village project in Pakistan, I need some study
      material ( On CDs etc ) to teach very basics to kids from the very
      scratch like identification of A,B,C and onwards. Some thing
      interesting for kids would help more to attract them towards learning.
      Any guidance on source of this requirement. Thanks.... Ammar Jaffri



      Hi Ammar - I don't know if you have seen the British Council's website
      for young learners LearnEnglish Kids? You can find it at this address:


      The site has lots of free content for children aged approx 7 - 12
      (and some for younger children). You will find games, stories, songs -
      all based around topics. There is new content each month.

      Kim Ashmore, Young Learner Website Consultant
      British Council, London