Teaching is a noble profession and needs profound dedication

Teaching is a noble profession.If one adopts it  then one must be faithful to it, develop professionalism and continuity in learning and innovation.Once my teacher at the Masters level left for her own higher studies and I as a student felt as such.
Sharing with all these expressions and the firm belief that good teachers must be appreciated encouraged rewarded and retained.
My expressions at that time:
Teacher, I saw you, a paragon of excellencedignity and grace; above allinspiration and confidence . . . abounding;Teacher I knew then, the load of books would be light,the road to knowledge would be bright,ignorant darkness lit up . . . astounding;Teacher, you gave me strength courage and hope,as fear melted with time, lost vigour came . . . rebounding;But Teacher, why did you turn away for another world,smiling far into the heavens,leaving me with dark heavy clouds . . . surrounding;OH teacher, now where shall I find,Your confident smile, Your inspiring approach,Your words of hope, that made my task so easy;My steps are heavy with despair . . . mounting;Dear Teacher, listen, if you can . . . I shall try to reach my goal;Without you . . . the path is hard to traverse and cold,Your thoughts are All the Strength, I hold;If I succeed, I will know, the pain will go,The sun will shine, bright and fair, Teacher Dear, you were always there.

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If a person desires to become a teacher, there should be an innane desire to dedicate your life to the teaching profession. Dedication is automatically supplemented by having a burning desire to mould students, be innovative, continuously reinvent oneself and be a learner throughout one's life. Taking up teaching should be a conscious decision. You are cheating yourself if you enter the teaching profession by chance. It should come out of choice.In the medical profession you have quacks, likewise in the teaching profession too, you find people using education as a medium to emotionally blackmail students or their parents to make money. I often get to hear sarcastic remarks passed against the teaching profession, by terming it as the most lucrative business.....!!!!!!!It pierces my heart but unfortunately we need to take all these things in our stride. I personally know lot of teachers who take a break from teaching, to upgrade their skill sets and then come back.  Education is a life long process and never ends.