Teaching 7 year old children.

I teach English at a primary school. I teach Form 2 and my question is: How to use the whiteboard and what kind of task can I set for them to do in their notebooks, taking into account that for most of them writing in their own language is somehow difficult since they are still learning how to use the letters.

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alka vashisht

In Primary Section English should be taught in interesting way by drawing pictures. 1. If you want to increase vocab then ask students to paste at least five pictures of each alphabet introducing as 'Nouns'.2. While teaching Singular-  Plurals draw one tree on the one side of the white board and more than one tree on the other side. Continue same process with other nouns also.3 While teaching opposites, draw one side ice-cream and another side a cup of tea to clear Hot and Cold. In the same way explain some more examples. In the same way through making pictures we can explain Prepositions, This and That, These and Those, More and less etc.  

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Nelson Arditto

If you're not using a coursebook, I suggest you propose using one to your school principal. A coursebook will come with resources such as flashcards, DVD, audio CD, student's book, activity book, posters, etc. Students will do most of their writing in the activity book, usually following on from communicative activities in the student's book. If you can't get hold of a coursebook, you could make your own flashcards, picture cards and word cards, for all sorts of lexical groups, and they work well for presentation and practice of vocabulary.
For example, you could say a word and students point at correct picture, or match pictures with words on the board, or play 'close your eyes' where you remove one or two pictures and students tell you which ones or put pictures around the room, you say a word and students run to correct picture. Similarly, if you can't get hold of an activity book, make your own grammar or vocabulary worksheets and students stick them in their notebooks before filling them in. They could also have a vocabulary section where they draw and write words, or draw a picture, label and colour in (e.g. body parts).

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Gulshan Huseynli

This year it is first time in my teaching experience that I am working with 7 year old students. In my country teachers shouldn't teach students alphabet so there is no writing. Whiteboard is used for drawing. You can draw for vacubalary presentation or for some gussing games. My students has got their own workbook that is related to the book.  They draw on it, or listen to me and tack the right pictures. I mainly do the following activities: 1. Circle the correct picture, color,animal and so on. 2. Which one doesn't belong? 3.Put the pictures in order. 4.Listen and circle the pictures that are in the correct order. In order to do that I use different pictures , CD and also my own voice. Also you can use songs and topic related  videos. they love songs and videos. Videos teaching clothes, food, colors and so on.