Scots and the Phonemic Chart

Hello everyone,After successfully dodging the use of the phonemic chart and all its pitfalls for people who don't come from Southern England, it is now time for me to come to terms with it and its uses.Could anyone, not necessarily fellow Scots, give tips, hints, or advice for ways to learn and utilise what will hopefully be a useful tool in the classroom?θæŋks!

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Hi - I found that if you introduce students to the phonemic chart when they receive their new vocabulary it works well.Have it as a visual in your classroom and refer to it as much as you can.  If you have problems remembering it try having a look at:cambridgeenglishonline.comThere are lots of games on there which you can use to revise yourself, also some of them are possible to interpret into the classroom.Another way around having to sound them yourself is to use audio that way it is clear and also you can repeat as many times as the students need you to.Don't let the fact that you have a Scottish accent make you feel inadequate as a teacher - I don't! :)Hope this helps!

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Hello,Iam a teacher of English and I found this chart so interesting and can help in learning correct pronunciation of phonetic symbols not only by students but also by teachers from different nationalities.Thank you so much Mairiisla

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As a fellow Scot, I find it useful to bear in mind that the pronunciation found in eg. the Oxford English Dictionary will follow received pronunciation, so basically standard english.  There are also times when you encounter pronunciation activities in course books that the same thing will happen.  I'd mention to students that you have an accent and as such your pronunciation differs slightly.  Not necessarily a negative when it comes to comprehension for them.  There are some good exercises on the BBC website [http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/grammar/pron/].  This is also quite a good chart to help you learn the symbols.  Best of luck with it.

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hello, do you have a phonetic chart that includes chinese sounds too ? where can one get it to show correspondence with L1 for studetns ? would anyone know ?

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There's a great chart on this website that I have used recently
It's really good.
There's some details on Mandarin phonology here:
You can see which sounds Mandarin and English share which can be helpful: your students already speak a language which can be used as a reference (*opening can of worms!*)