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Hi, I'm Peag. I m currently working at an elementary school here in the Philippines. We are trying to generate a listening skills program for our students. We want to provide our children with audio materials that will help them develop their vocabulary, intonation and grammar. I've been browsing several sites and found good podcasts, my problem is how to arrange the materials for the teachers. Does anybody know where i can find sets of downlodable listening materials complete with lesson plans?

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 Hi!  PeagI am very happy to help you to upgrade the level of students. You may consider the following websites for listening practice for the development of your students in all key areas.1 http://www.esl-lab.com/- it is a complete listening comprehension oriented website helps any kind of students at any level.2 http://www.edict.com.hk/vlc/comp/frame1T.htm- it is a very useful website for students to improve their reading skill3 http://www.nonstopenglish.com/allexercises/elementary-004.asp- it is a another useful website for improving basic grammar with a wide rage.4. http://www.esl-lab.com/job1.htm- This is a another useful website for listening comprehension5. http://www.esl-lab.com/tradition/usflag-video.htm- This is more for your students audio visual listening comprehension For you I can suggest a  few ideas that according to the level of the students you can train your students in improving their listening skills. Play all the listening comprehension once through windows media player and click the file and save it by clicking save as media option 

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It is very important to know what age group you are teaching more than that how  English is being taught. Is it a proficiency course (optional or compulsary)? Because if its compulsary and lets say  English is taught from Class 1 to 10 then the listening skills are introduced from Grade 1 and  the complexity is increased as learners move to higher class. 
You need to decide how would you like to arrange your material
Would it be genre-specific ( narrative, descriptive, argumentative etc )? or
Would it be focusing on functions and co-functions ?
For example:
Use limited linguistic exponents to communicate appropriately for functions and co-functions of opinions
Use selected exponents to communicate appropriately for functions and co-functions of opinions
Use extended linguistic exponents to communicate appropriately for functions and co-functions of opinions
OR if you want you can organize the clips according to the aural skills, Richard(1983) has listed out
in the article “Listening comprehension: Approach, design, procedure”, that are involved in conversational discourse, which are as follows:

  • discriminating sounds in words, especially phonemic contrasts
  • retaining chunks of language of different length in short-term memory
  • deducing the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • predicting content
  • decoding meaning with the help of non-verbal and paralinguistic cues
  • recognizing the communicative purpose according to goals, participants and contexts using their real-life knowledge
  • comprehending particular meaning expressed in different grammatical forms
  • noting contradictions, inadequate information, ambiguities
  • differentiating between fact and opinion

(Pp. 219-239)

Good Luck!

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I am writing my diploma project on using elements of English speaking countries' culture in teaching receptive skills( to lower and upper secondary school learners). AND I need some materials. Can anyone help me please?

Kind regards