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Hi, Concerned fellow

I have walked in these shoes and can tell you that only by facing these problems myself was I able to confidently teach phonetics to my students. So, being an EFL learner and teacher, I was always afraid of, and truly many times steered from, teaching phonetics per se. But, as one thing is not apart from the other, I reached the conclusion that I had to face and tame this fear of mine once and for all. So I invested in good phonetic learning, burned the midnight oil for a while and afterwards was able to come forward as an ever learning but bold practitioner of whole teaching, including phonetics per se, if needed. 

Meanwhile, if some teaching of phonetics is necessary in your setting, don't be afraid to show your weaknesses to your peers. Ask them for some help/advice, enquire about what they do in similar situations and you might have some good and unexpected feedback.

Hard as it may be, I try always to remind myself that, being a teacher, I chose to be a never ending learner, so I always resort to whatever is within my reach to make this path of teaching/learning a smoother one.

Good luck!


Mirela Ramacciotti