how to teach LSRW Skills in Schools

Hi... I would like to know how to teach LSRW skills at School level. Is it a good idea to intrepret the teaching of English at school level on dividing into three levels. Class I - V as Level one. Class VI - X as Level two and Class XI - XII (Junior College) as Level three. Please give some suggestions and ideas.

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Drawing from my experience of training for over 8 years, I would suggest that only speaking and reading should be introduced at the school level. Regular speaking activities will ultimately go on to increase their confidence in terms of the flow of language, correct pronunciation and rate of speech. Reading will help students to understand the meanings of words and thereby enhance their vocabulary and is also a very powerful tool to show students the importance of voice modulation, pause, stress and diction. When you look at their profile in terms of age, they will definitely enjoy both these activities. However care needs to be taken to see that students are allowed to make mistakes while speaking and there is no stress laid on grammatical accuracy. If this happens, the very purpose of doing this activity gets destroyed. Likewise in reading, the corrections in the case of pronunciation, should be made very subtly without getting into phonetics.Listening and Writing should be introduced only at the college level. Listening is a very critical skill which even professionals lack. We are more of passive listeners. Writing again will entail an indepth knowledge of grammar. I personally feel that both listening and writing should be introduced at the college level and should be part and parcel of their curriculum till they finish their graduation.

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bhawani sinha

I quite like your thoughts on the teaching of speaking and reading skills. However, keeping in mind the requirements of the ability to write (even if we forget about the listening competency for the moment) how and why do you propose to introduce it at the college level? How does a learner of English / student of a school where instructions are given in English, express himself? Would like to hear from you on this. 

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jean quinn

Imagine all the stress that would be released from our teachers shoulders! Knowing that they didn't have to teach their students writing skills  :)  Good idea in theory, however I do believe strongly that writing is one of the most important teachings. Children in my experience, that have learnt the art of writing develop a sense of pride working towards  their achievements. Children who interact together while learning how to write share lots of fun things together. Teaching speaking and reading skills without the writing skills would be like eating an ice cream cone without the nice toppings to go with it, or building a house with sand and cement, but no water, don't you think?

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Umangi Shah

I have worked with kids aged 7 to 14, and this makes me want to disagree with the suggestion that Writing must be introduced at college level. Many kids are shy, or introvert. We certainly make efforts to make them participate, but still sometimes it is difficult for them. And what we believe to be encouragement becomes a unwanted insistence for them. If at least these kids are encouraged to write, they do come up with beautiful, highly imaginative and expressive work. At times, it even helps us to diagnose things which hinders them from participating actively. Moreover, we as educators have no right to take away the opportunity of all-round development of all 4 skills.My suggestion is all 4 skills must be taught, but the emphasis may vary, depending on learner need.