How to make a boring session interesting?

Hello everyone. I'm a teacher here like everyone else. I have seen that sometimes the lesson which appears very interesting to us when we read it, becomes boring when we try teaching it in the class..sometimes the students simply have a big question mark on their face... does anyone else face this problem? Please suggest a remedy for this, anyone?




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Dear friend, Before suggesting you  various strategies to make your classroom teaching interesting and effective, I want you to ask a question "Why does my lesson go boring?" to yourself after returning back from the classroom, which is known as reflecting our own teaching. I'm very sure that reflection on your own teaching enables you to find out the genuine cause for making your classroom fall apart. And once you come up with the real problem, try the following strategies to cope up with the problem: -Prepare the lesson well before you enter into the classroom. -Start the lesson with some interesting questions, facts, pictures, stories, jokes etc. -Follow the principles of teaching: set scene, pre-teach vocabulary, prediction, extensive tasks, intensive tasks,   evaluation and feedback, homework. -Problems are natural in a classroom teaching. Thus, deal with classroom problems in a democratic manner. -Make your students feel that you are very loving, caring and most importantly respecting to the students. Students never create any problems in the classroom teaching that hearts their teachers who is very loving, caring and respecting. These four tips to make our classroom interesting and conducive seems inadequate but when you follow those four strategies in your classroom teaching, you will envision a number of strategies as well.  Thanks, Uddab, Nepal.

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Jackie Cook

Hello there.  While you might think that your lessons are very interesting, you might want to check the following factors to find out whether your lesson will work 'in reality'!

  • try running through the lesson in your head BEFORE you get into the classroom - you might identify where the problem lies before getting into the room!
  • Prepare an extra activity or two to ensure that your students have a good understanding of what you are trying to teach
  • Think about how you are teaching and use some SUITABLE examples; remember you (probably) don't just have to stick to the book!
  • is there a variety of pace e.g. some exciting activities, some that need a lot of concentration, some pairwork, some writing, etc, etc, etc.  Lessons generally need lots of variety to keep students interested and learning efficiently

Good luck!

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Utkarsh, It happens only when you have not prepared well in advance. You can make any topic interesting and worth teaching by researching it and then planning the methodology in advance. Remember the 5 Ps rule. You give me any topic and a day in advance to prepare and I will amaze the students.

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I disagree with the statement that "It only happens when you don't prepare." All the preparation in the world won't help if the activity itself is boring. I can suggest several reasons for this problem:
1. You say they often have a big question mark on their face. Perhaps you're not explaining the activity clearly - you may understand it, but do they? This is a case where you may even have to use L1. Or perhaps the activity is simply too difficult or complicated for them. In this case find ways to simplify.
2. Know your class - different people find different things interesting. Experiment with different types of activities and notice which activities interest each class the most.
3. Know your class part 2 - find out what subjects interest them - sports, music, fashion, etc. - and work them into the lesson.
4. Always have at least one alternate plan and be prepared to improvise and "flow" with the pupils. Preparation is important, but you also need to be flexible - you never know what kind of mood children will be in!

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Ajit Singh Nagpal

You want to make a boring lesson interesting.....simple.....know your students, understand what they want to do with the language and how they intend to use it.  The most boring lesson will become interesting. If students become restless or you see them losing attention, for example if more then one student walks out (supposedly for the call of nature); it is the first sign that they had enough of the lesson. Either they already know what you are trying (which is not working) to teach or they are tired and the lesson has gone beyond the normal attention span.  You need to carry out a quick diagnosis and do something that will change the mood of the class.  For example, take a quick short break, get all the students to stand up and bring in a filler to add some vigour to the class.  Introduce some 'noise' some 'motion/action'.  This change could re-vitalise the students.                 

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The action/motion idea looks really exciting. I am going to use it. Thanks a Lot sir.

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You need to do an introspection and see where you are going wrong. Since we teach in the same country, let me tell you that students down here, hate the English Class. There may be an odd exception here or there, but on the whole, the English Class is seen as boring and a waste of time. As a teacher, it is imperative for you, to make each and every session, interesting and enjoyable. You need to come across to the students, as a fire brand trainer. Lastly please ensure that you understand the background, from which your students come. This is the most critical point. Students come from different socio economic and cultural backgrounds. The timing of your session is also critical. If your session is scheduled for the afternoon, the students will obviously be sluggish. You need to introduce lot of energizers in each session, so that your students wake up and listen to you. Treat the whole class equally and never get tempted to have your favourites. The moment you do this, you are digging your own grave. All the best.