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I am not a teacher, but in my opinion education is the most important things specially for the teens even adult,perhaps their future depends on how the get proper education and to have a very good work to earn for a living and that start on how the teachers teach their students..salute to all the teachers around the globe...

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I was a student not so long ago. And I'd like to share some of the motivations when I was a student:- Ask teens what they like, want to do/have: elvove your lesson activities around what they love. That will give them the best motivation.- Be humorous. I had one professor who has great sense of humor. We're used to usually falling asleep or skipping lecture but with his lectures, we just couldn't resit. Combining with his excellent ability in  making the dificult easy, we were always eager to learn more, know more about the subject's topic he taught.

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Its my first time to post on this forum,just wannat make some friends here.if its not allowed to post on this board,please delete this thread.Nice to see you guys here.:)

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Especially for Teens, Education is important and it impacts their future; In this teenage it is the teachers that play an important role in building up the talent in Teens!!Salute to the Teachers!!

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Hi everyone,I am new with you but I was attracted with the topic mainly because I have been teaching for thirteen years now and I feel that motivating pupils is the easiest task I ahve witnessed since if you ² show pupils your own motivation ,they are going to respond and react positively.the sole key to get happy and enjoy class management is through teaching pupils that the class time is a shared fruitful part of life.

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albanian lady

Thank you for the great work done in this page and thank you for being present when needed.All the best from an English teacher in Albania!!!!