How to be a good English teacher?

Hi, I reeeeally need help. I like to teach English, but I feel that I don't have confidence enough to do so I want to devolop my self as an English teacher I face difficulty on vocabulary and grammar need hard training to stand-up with confidence. I can undestand and write english well but I'm not fluent enough on speaking. Pllllzzz... I feel soooo sad. Hope to find training or good suggestions.

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Rating one good is really hard because becoming good before the masses is really difficult you have to master traditions norm and culture. Mixing mingling and improvising is the characteristic of good teacher he has perfect command of psychology needs of people and demand of the day. One has to master his subject matter never be irrelevant above all determination and will to rise is key to be a good teacher.

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jvl narasimha rao

Dear Zeezy,Teaching and learning is a life long process. A teacher should always be a student. Good teachers are not born but they are made. All nonnative teachers feel the same way as you think right now when they enter the teaching profession. You will become confident by and by. I advise you to love your profession and your students. You will become an outstanding teacher of English soon yours sincerely, JVL Narasimha Rao Andhra PradeshIndia

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Dear JVL,
Thanx for ur nice advices,u  are righ but the problem is that i have no experience i'am in my way to aquire it, but no way.Here ,in Sudan,it's so difficult to find a chance to be as a  trainee inorder to fix my steps in my career and to get confidence.Nowadays,i'am doing all my best to find job chance in a school,as a teacher or at least as a teacher trainee.Besides,sharing discussions and opnions on good web sites like this to improve my self and get benefit to the max from it and from experienced people like u.and for give me if u find my english weak,i'am not good i'am trying to be better and fluent on it and this is also one of my main goals.Thank u again
sincerely yours,
Zeezy Alamin

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Dear teacher,
First I'd like to thank Mr. JVL for his comment that I really liked "Good teachers are not born, they are made".
In fact, "Victory consists not in never falling but in rising whenever we fall".
Loving one's job is the first step to success. A good teacher is the one who analyses beforehand what he/she confers to his /her learners; in fact one is on an 'everlasting' training and self-development is highly needed to achieve flexibility and thus confidence.

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jvl narasimha rao

Dear Zeezy,Thank you for your comments. I thank kind also for complimenting my opinion. You are advised to read my blog ‘a rural blokes breaking journey from the delta to Duncan’s English teaching team’. It will give you a lot of confidence. You will come to know how I mastered (trying to master) English against great odds. Your English is not poor. What you need is belief in yourself, love for your profession and your students. I assure you that you will be an outstanding teacher very soon. But education is an unending experimentI wish you the best of luck in your noble endeavour.JVL Narasimha RaoAndhra PradeshIndia

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Dear Zeezy,
Your attempt to know how you can improve your teaching is the first hurdle crossed. You have the right attitude. Learn-from experience,by reading,by practice and by doing.
Best wishes

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As a teacher trainer, I'm well aware that many trainees are nervous about their language abilities when they start out. This is true whether you are a native or non-native speaker of English. The important thing is to be a good teacher. Of course, you need a basic level of knowledge. But I'd say you just need to be better at it than the students you are teaching. And you need to have teaching skills.Think about coaching football. You don't need to be the best player in the world to be the best coach. I think the same goes for teaching a language.Remember that non-native teachers also have a great resource at their fingertips - their knowledge of their students' L1. Don't pretend you are an expert if you are not. Be humble and admit you don't know everything. If you don't know the answer to a student's question, admit it, but promise to find out the answer. In a few years, you'll have far greater knowledge and you'll be able to answer many of the questions on the spot!Don't just focus on improving your language skills - spend time improving your teaching skills, too. Join a professional organisation like IATEFL, and sign up for the Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TDSIG). Visit their website on a regular basis (http://tdsig.org) for tips and inspiration.I blog about teacher development (amongst other TEFL-related subjects) over at http://markcbain.com. Please pay me a visit!

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Hi, To be a good teacher, you should try doing something good. For example, organise a free class, maybe in form of a club to help others practise their language. This way you will learn how to teach in a relaxed way without being afriad to be fired or be criticized. Yours, Shamsudeen Ahmad An English teacher in Sudan 

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I am just a fresh graduated from faculty of Education English Department but I am completely loser. I wanna provide my language and to be a good teacher. Really I am trying hard but when I started to teach, I failed because my language is very poor. I just need help to find a good website may help me to learn English from the beginning.

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Rob Lewis

HiI think it's quite normal to not feel 100% confident when you're starting to teach, and I would say from how you've written this your English is not as poor as you claim.  If you're looking for English practice, you could start with our LearnEnglish site: http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/ Whatever you decide, don't give up!Best wishesRob