Four skills in English

Everyone knows that English four skills are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

So my question is how can I use them all in my class or in a course of English?

In using Grammar(   ......), songs (listening), so on in The parts of speech




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Why would you want to teach all four in one lesson?

Ok, hopefully the students would use all 4 skills in a lesson, but as a teacher it might be a better idea to teaching one skill at a time.

Teaching skills is not just the students using skills. If you are teaching a grammar point you might use all four skills, but that is not a skills lesson. In a skills lesson you should be teaching students techniques to improve/ or an opportunity practise in the skill. In such a lesson your aim should be about the skill.

For example, speaking skills. To practise speaking as a skill you could a do a 45 min lesson on extempore. Groups then pairs and then whole class. This would be practise. You could then do a 45 min lesson on speaking skills, sub skill extended arguments (justifying what you have said, giving reasons, evidence, concluding) this would inculde input on language/vocab and method (the necessity to support what you are saying). This would be teaching a sub skill. Then do the extempore practise lesson over again, hoping ss have learnt something

Any one skill you can not teach in one lesson. You would be hard pressed to cover a sub skill in one lesson. I see what you are saying about wanting a balance. One school I worked for (it was an intesive school where students did 20 hrs a week) the teachers had to prepare a weekly lesson plan in advance. And had to cover each skill EXPLICITLY at least once per week, each lesson had to be skills focussed, and we had test one skill a week. It was hard to get used to. But really useful, once you realise you can't teach writing in one lesson, you start thinking what aspect of writing can i cover this week?
Your teaching situation is probably a lot different, but instead of focusing on all the skills, try taking one at a time, of course every lesson will use a variety, but be very clear with yourself about what you are trying to do.  
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Let me state that all the four skills are very critical for a professional to make a mark. To hone the speaking skills of your students, you can have lot of speaking avtivities, as in debates, on the spot  topics and so on.Listening can be introduced by way of playing them stories and having questions based on the story which the students need to answer while listening. You could also list down five things that the whole class needs to know about others, as in, their fathers name, their favorite dish, favorite place, their date of birth and the place where they come from. Give the whole class around 15 minutes. No student is allowed to note down anything.Reading can be used as an effective tool for improving their pronunciation, rate of speech, voice modulation, pause and stress.Writing activities should be made interesting by asking them to write down an essay or paragraph on topics which appeal to them. You can also work out various combinations like giving the students 15 words and asking them to make a story using those words.