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I've gathered a lot of material on the issues of mastering English from various sources, some of which may interest you. Let me know your issues of interest regarding English.I do not send junk mail to people. I do not promote or advertise anything. This informative project is intended solely as exchange of information for the purposes of knowledge improvement and idea production for learners and even teachers of English which can help them in their English language activities.I believe there is a way for enjoyable learning of English through listening to cheerful songs in English in addition to other learning activities.I know of many songs of this kind in English to enliven learning English. I could send you a list of the names of such songs on youtube.com.Please listen on youtube.com to this song with a wonderful music: LET'S HAVE A PARTY POLKA - Fred Ziwich. It is my favourite song in English.

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It may be a good idea for ESL/EFL teachers to discuss what resources and why they prefer for teaching English pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.What audio, video aids, textbooks, courses, websites and practice activities for each ESL/EFL aspect and skill do teachers find most useful?What publications on how to teach ESL/EFL contain the most helpful advice and tips for teachers?  

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Abu Ibrahim

Dear fellow,

I am a language teacher from Pakistan, trainer and a human resource professional. Currently teaching adults language and designed course myself i.e.
i) Voices understanding through phonemic symbols,
ii) Linking and connected speeches
(iii) Intonation
(iv) Tips on individual, group discussion and public speaking.
iv) A blend of activities and role plays in different scenario.

I have obtained a lot help from BBC learning but still I am looking for some "Customized Material" which can cover everything which I might be missing. I shall be grateful if can do something in this regard


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miss Inna

Dear Colleague (sorry, I could not see your first name),

I agree with you on the fact that listening to the English songs and singing them during the lessons is another great way of teaching/ learning English.

Thanks for sharing the song. In a minute I am going to enjoy it. But first, I'd like to ask someone who may know the lyrics of the song 'Play It Cool, Stay in School'.
The singer's name is Brenda Holloway (African-American singer and songwriter).

I listen to the song '(Be No Fool) Play It Cool, Stay In School' (www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ua5A65lthA) , and I found it quite 'catchy' to introduce it to my teenager class as we started a new theme 'What's Your School Like?'

However, I can not find the lyrics to this song. It's hard for me to get some words and phrases from the song by ear.

If somebody from teachers who are native speakers can help me with the lyrics of '(Be No Fool) Play It Cool, Stay In School' by Brenday Holloway, I will really, really appriciate it.

I am sure, someone else would be able use the lyrics in the future too. The theme of 'School' and 'School Life' is surely popular in each country. And, this song contains a few idioms and catchphrases.

Thank you!