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Essay HelpEssay writing is an undeniable fact, so is essay help! As a rule, all types of students require essay help with their writing assignments one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if your subject is chemistry, mathematics or engineering, you still need to write lab reports or evidence reports and for that, you definitely require some basic writing skills. This proves that getting essay help is as inevitable as breathing for each and every student no matter what subject one takes. 

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Yes, you're right, all students have to write essays in one form or another. I teach EAP and we have courses that focus on building up arguments logically, structuring paragraphs, making a text cohesive and coherent, etc. Here are some of the sources I use: - Gillet, A., Hammond, A. & Martala-Lockett,M., Inside Track to Successful Academic Writing (Longmann, 2009) - Hogue, A. & Oshima, A., Writing Academic English (Longmann, 2005) - Using English for Academic Purposes, http://www.uefap.com/writing/writfram.htm - Purdue University online writing lab, http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/ Hope they're helpful! CMF

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 You are spot on when you say essay writing is inevitable. Going one step further, I would say, it is one of the most critical skill, which one needs to develop. The basics of writing has to be ingrained in the students, as in, having one central idea, learning to keep paragraphs short, use of simple language, using one word in place of a sentence, ensuring that each paragraph is well connected to the next one, learning to use short sentences and lastly knowing how to conclude. The students should be exposed to different kinds of writing, as in, essay writing, precis writing, giving them around 15 words and asking them to make a story with restriction on the number of words, personal correspondence, official correspondence, messages, giving them an outline of a story and asking them to develop it,  short topics which should not exceed one paragraph or say 7-8 lines, developing news reports by giving them the headlines and so on.Unfortunately, writing skill, happens to be the most neglected part down here, which hinders their professional growth. 

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Every students must udergo through essay writing in order to pass the subject or for the to graduate. In order for them to do this, they might ask for an essay help to what are the necessary things to do in writing essays specially the essay format.

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hi I am teaching IELTS i need your assistance in Essay help ,thanks for considering my requestRegardsWasim kamran

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