British Council 'levels' (of qualification)?

I am just about to finish my BA and become a qualified EFL teacher and so I have been applying for jobs in the UK as I intend to stay here for a couple of years at the moment.I received an email reply from one language school, who are affiliated with the British Council, that said that I was not qualified enough because I am, as far as they are aware, only at level 4 when the BC demands that their instructors are at levels 6-7.Does anybody know what these levels mean as I for one have never heard of them?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Laura :)

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Hi Laura,This is not my area and shouldn't be taken as an official answer. However, it sounds like they're referring to the National Qualifications Framework and Qualifications Curriculum Authority (QCA) levels. You can see how different qualifications relate to these levels here: http://www.britishcouncil.org/learning-infosheets-english-teaching.pdfHowever, you probably want to clarify this with the school in question, since only they know for sure what they mean. Once you've got clarification, you can read more about British Council Accreditation here: http://www.britishcouncil.org/accreditation.htmBest wishes!