Book recommendation- British culture- Urgent

Hi everyone I am a teacher of English for non-English major students in a Chinese university. I am writing for suggestions for book recommendation about British culture. Students in my university are divided into two groups basically for their language language:  domestic examination oriented, and international exams oriented, such as IELTS and TOEFL. I am responsible for the latter, specifically for IELTS. Basically , my students have learned English for 9 years in primary and secondary school, aging from 18 to 20 years old.  During their four years study in university, they will cover English course in 2 years. In this two-year period of time, they will have 6 teaching hours each week ( each lasts 45 minutes) , including listening, speaking , reading and writing courses.  Being their teachers, I gradually realize that they need more awareness about British culture and some countries like Australia and New Zealand. While, I could not figure out the text book for this course or any ideas about teaching it. So I just create a forum topic here  for your brilliant ideas. Thanks in advance. Yours Nana  

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I teach culture studies courses at a university and find the book:O'Driscoll, J. Britain For Learners of English (Oxford, 2009)very useful. It's aimed at students whose level of English is at least B2, though. But there is a workbook with it, and so you might still be able to make good use of it and adapt it to your students' needs.Other than that I think there are lots of very useful websites  - I like to use BBC's Newsround programme (which is a news programme aimed at kids), since the language is a lot simpler.Hope that helps!CMF