Featured blog of the month


Featured blog of the month for May 2015

Our latest blog of the month award goes to Rachel Williams and her post Spelling doesn’t have to mean Test. If you are looking for ways to help your students with their spelling, Rachel’s post may be just what you need!


Featured blog of the month for April 2015

Our latest blog of the month award goes to Tekhnologic for a post called Tic-tac-toe – setting discussion goals

The post looks at ways to get students talking by setting discussion goals with tic-tac-toe. You can play the game as a low-prep activity on the whiteboard or prepare a series of different grid squares with Excel.


Featured blog of the month for March 2015

Our latest blog of the month award goes to IELTS Advantage and their post Helping IELTS students practice phonetics at home for free. The post has lots of suggestions for how your IELTS – and non-IELTS students – can work on their pronunciation in their own time.


Featured blog of the month for January 2015

Our latest blog of the month award goes to Adam Simpson and Paul Mains for their co-written post  4 Songs for teaching the 4 English conditionals.

If you are teaching conditionals and looking for a way to make it interesting, try using these four songs from Adam and Paul - one for each conditional form.


IATEFL blog award for best coverage

This year the British Council invited ELT bloggers interested in reporting on the annual IATEFL conference to become a 'Liverpool Online Registered Blogger'.

As many of you know, TeachingEnglish has a featured blog of the month award. For April, we also have an award for the best blog coverage of IATEFL Liverpool online 2013.


Applied linguistics conference blog by Susan Sheehan

Susan Sheehan, of the British Council, will be attending the The British Association for Applied Linguistics' 45th annual meeting at the University of Southampton from the 6th - 8th of September. This year's focus is on "Multilingual Theory and Practice in Applied Linguistics" and brings together eight researchers united in their commitment to conducting research in collaboration with and for the benefit of a range of multilingual communities. Susan's blog over the next three days will give an insight into some of the ideas under discussion.