Featured blog of the month

Each month we make a shortlist of what we think are the best English language teaching blogs published that month. These are featured on our Facebook page and users are invited to 'like' and comment on their favourite. The blog with the most likes becomes the winner of that month's TeachingEnglish blog award.

The blog post should be have been published in the selected month, be free and freely available, offer practical advice, give suggestions for class activities or stimulate reflection on teaching.

Featured blog of the month for June 2014

Our latest blog of the month award is for Marek Kiczkowiak and his excellent blog post around the theme of TEFL Equity. Why does it matter? Marek looks at eight important points for discussion from TEFL equity advocates on the status of non-native teachers and gives some great insight into why these issues are important

Featured blog of the month for May 2014

Our latest blog of the month award is for Emma Sergev and her excellent blog post The present simple 1 - back to basics. Emma has switched off her overhead projector, sharpened her white board pen, dusted off her flash cards and gone back to basics to teach the present simple. Her post includes an attractive infographic and student worksheets.

Featured blog of the month for April 2014

Our latest blog of the month award is for Zdenda and looks at teaching modal verbs in present and past tenses

Students can get confused about how to use common modal verbs in the past. Zenda has created this great visual explanation to help them remember the forms plus 2 games to practise them.

IATEFL blog award for best coverage of IATEFL Harrogate 2014

As with recent years, the British Council invited a number of ELT bloggers interested in reporting on the annual IATEFL conference to become a 'Harrogate Online Registered Blogger'. Over 40 bloggers signed up and did a fantastic job of reviewing and commenting on the conference.

As many of you know, TeachingEnglish has a featured blog of the month award. For April, we also have an additional award for the best blog coverage of IATEFL Harrogate online 2014.

Featured blog of the month for March 2014

Our latest blog of the month award is for Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat and her blog post English Grammar Pill: How to use the present perfect tenses correctly

In this fabulously visual blog post Shanthi has put together in one place all you and your students perhaps would ever want to know about how to use the present perfect!

Featured blog of the month for February 2014

Our latest blog of the month award is for Gabrielle Jones and her blog post 8 fun ways to practise presentations by Gabrielle Jones.

In her post Gabrielle suggests some great class activities to help students build up their presentation skills, ranging from students giving a quickly prepared presentation about an aspect of themselves to creative presentations using only images.

Featured blog of the month for January 2014

Our latest blog of the month award is for Emma Segev and her post Top 10 Tools for Creating Teaching Materials

Emma describes quick and easy ways to create interesting and visually appealing teaching materials, including mindmaps and quizzes for students preparing for exams, infographics and word cloud generators as well as a range of multimedia tools for creating video presentations and adding audio to images.

Featured blog of the month for December

Our latest featured blogpost of the month is a post by Svetlana from her excellent blog TeachingEnglishNotes, and is about multiple uses of newspapers & magazines for ELT

In her post, Svetlana demonstrates how newspapers can be a great way to introduce students to everyday English and she gives several practical ways we can use newspapers and magazines in the English language classroom.