Watch recordings of seminars held by the British Council.
19 June, 2012
Michael Carrier talks about how handheld and mobile learning technology extends the range of the teacher by extending learning beyond the...
5 November, 2010
Janet Enever and Jayne Moon
Dr Janet Enever and Jayne Moon explore the trend towards an early start in English internationally, drawing upon substantial experience of...
British Council webinars for teachers.
10 May, 2018
Joshua Underwood talks about how voice-driven artificial intelligence assistants can be used in language learning.
12 March, 2018
In this webinar Simon Borg discusses the importance of teacher evaluation and ways of designing teacher evaluation systems that support...
The Teacher Educator Conference (TEC) in Hyderabad is the British Council's largest teacher educator conference in India.
3 March, 2015
The British Council in partnership with English and Foreign Languages University (EFL-U) Hyderabad came together again to host the fifth...
3 March, 2015
In this interview, Rod Bolitho looks at the challenges faced by teacher education in the second decade of the 21st century and talks about...
The E-merging Forum was held in Moscow from 2010 to 2015. Watch talks and interviews and read blog posts from past conferences.
29 July, 2015
Jeremy Day gave the plenary talk Two Approaches to Course Design at E-merging Forum 3 in Moscow.
29 July, 2015
Watch the plenary talk “21st century children learning English” given by Janet Enever at the E-merging Forum 3. This presentation considers...
A list of conferences happening globally as well as filmed talks from ELT luminaries.
29 October, 2018
From 5 to 7 October 2018, British Council Armenia held its 6th “Teacher Development with British Council” event by hosting Penny Ur in...
10 April, 2017
This year, once again, the British Council teamed up with IATEFL to provide online coverage of the 2017 IATEFL conference.