Continuing professional development

You are on a journey as a teacher of English. But where do you want to go? What do you need to do to get there? What's the best pathway for you?  Select the stage you're at below and then click on the links to find ideas to help you develop as a teacher.

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Which stage are you at?


You are a trainee teacher of English taking initial training or you are not qualified as an English teacher but working as one.


Newly qualified

You are a qualified teacher of English in your first two years of practice, who is putting initial training into practice.


You are a practising qualified teacher of English with more than two years of experience, and still want to consolidate your essential skills.


You are an experienced qualified teacher of English with strong all-round knowledge and competence as a teacher.


You are a highly experienced qualified teacher, who comfortably takes on leading roles, such as mentoring, and may be planning to develop more specialist skills.


You are a practising specialist, such as a teacher trainer, materials writer, syllabus & curriculum developer, head of department/manager, testing expert, adviser on ELT issues (primary, secondary, vocational etc.), researcher.