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Innovations in Continuing Professional Development

November 2014: CPD month

Paul Braddock
November is CPD month on TeachingEnglish and our sister site EnglishAgenda with several webinars, podcasts and a live event planned. You can read all about what's happening here Consequently, the 4...

Managing Poor Performance - A Case Study

Derek Spafford
*/ I took a management course and one of the assignments was to write about managing poor performance. I thought it would be useful to share a case study I produced.  Introduction I have decided to...

Inquiry-based teacher development

Willy Cardoso
You can spend six months doing practitioner research on only 1 hour of classroom data.The reason I say this is because, while you can, you don’t really need large data for practitioner research if...

Insights on professional development for busy teachers

Raquel Gonzaga
Teacher development. Continuous teacher development or CPD. How have you managed your development as a teacher in a busy schedule ? What should be chosen from such a plethora of possibilities and...

Facilitating Learning

FACILITATING LEARNING WITH A DIFFERENCE. Nina MK, Ph.D. There are plenty of materials on facilitating and facilitated learning on the web. Those good solid works give us a firm grasp of the subject,...


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Hi Willy,
I'm always reminded of the quote Anthony Gaughan shared at the dogme symposium...
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Peer learning is very important because it gives more freedom to express the ideas in order to...
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Thank you so much for the inspiring session. I found it both fascinating and practical. Hope to...
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