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March 2015 blog topics

Thank you to everyone who wrote blog posts in February - we enjoyed reading your entries. If you missed any, you can read them all by clicking here.And now here are the topics for March. We hope you...

David Dodgson: Recourse books

"If we don't adapt we will die," were the stark words that jumped out from an otherwise mundane BBC article about changes in format and time to the Radio 1 UK Chart Show. "The...

THE Gaussian curve in self-assessment

The Gaussian Curve is a very useful tool in teacher and student assessment. Let us begin by assessing our own success. What is the usual procedure? We explain a new topic, have students do exercises...

The Coursebook: Best Uses

Anthony Ash
I have been working in English Language Teaching since September 2011. I entered the industry under the auspices of the Coursebook Approach. It was expected that each course would have a coursebook...

Difficult students

It takes all kinds to make the world. According to statistics, at least 15% of school children have some problems, both psychological and physical ones. It means that in every class of 25, we have 3-...


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Fátima Bastos

Hi there!
For that I use a variety of actvities - songs, rhymes, games... - and all of...
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Anthony Ash

Thank you for this blog post Willy! I think it is a great suggestion.

When I did Delta,...
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George Chilton

Thanks for your kind comment Anthony - I'm glad it was useful.

I'm probably in the same...
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