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January 2015

Paul Braddock
Hi everyoneHappy New Year to you all and apologies for the delay in getting the January topics up on the site! I hope you've all had a good break if you were on holiday and that 2015 is a great year....

Rachael Roberts - Planning for pronunciation

Rachael Roberts
There’s a very amusing advert for a language school on Youtube where we see the German Coastguard picking up an emergency broadcast, ‘Mayday, mayday..we are sinking!’ The German pauses, and then asks...

User-generated content

User-generated content Nina MK, Ph.D. I have been doing international projects with students of all ages and levels for about twenty years. Naturally one cannot start with a complicated project at...

Integrating Pronunciation

SINK OR THINK: Integrating pronunciation Nina MK, Ph.D. The only times pronunciation flowed smoothly happened when I got beginner groups, and continued with them, using an integrated approach to...

Doing Grammar

GRAMMAR! Nina MK, Ph.D. Ah, Grammar, an ever-interesting topic, one of the words which make students groan. While lots of learners indeed expect to be taught grammar, and while some of them may even...


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Laura Papi

Hello there! Thank you for your feedback! It's refreshing to see that my opinions and my methods...
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i need mentoring participants work sheets

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Hi Heath,

How does one apply to be a CELTA tutor? Which institution did you train with?...
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