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December 2014

Paul Braddock
Hi everyoneThank you for all the fantastic posts in November for CPD month. You can read all of them here. For December, there are only three topics rather than the usual four. The first asks you for...

Two Christmas activities

Paul Braddock
These two very different activities by Larissa Albano and Steve Muir take Christmas television commercials and use them for engaging and enjoyable language learning activities. The first, by Larissa...

The Twelve Memes of Christmas : a seasonal homework challenge

To keep your students busy over the holidays (if you have holidays in your teaching context, and if not you may just want to add a bit of seasonal fun to classes in December) and to practise some...


FESTIVALS! Nina MK, Ph.D. In my country, the New Year is traditionally considered the main holiday of the year. It is an occasion for the families to get together and have a huge dinner. The staples...

Will the Blended Learning be Formal Education in the Future?

Tamer Osman
Will the Blended Learning be Formal Education in the Future? Nowadays, everybody is talking about the sophisticated fashion of education,the blended learning.But the question that will imposes itself...


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Hi Heath,

How does one apply to be a CELTA tutor? Which institution did you train with?...
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since non native experienced the difficulties in learning a foreign language by them selves , I...
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Thank you for your wonderful blog!
There are really so many steps and viewpoints, but the...
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