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July 2015 blog topics

Many thanks to everyone for the blog posts in June, which made very interesting reading. This month, many of us are on a long break for the summer, so our first topic looks at how we as teachers can...

Sandy Millin: Accent and identity

I find the relationship between accent and identity fascinating. I never noticed my own accent or that of the people around me until I heard my voice for the first time. As part of our language GCSEs...

Vicky Saumell - Ways of promoting creativity in the classroom

Vicky Saumell
This article is based on a presentation given at IATEFL Harrogate 2014 and is also published in IATEFL 2014 Harrogate Conference Selections (2015).As Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence...

June 2015 blog topics

Great May blog posts - thank you to everyone who wrote and if you missed any, we encourage you to catch up here!On Thursday 4th this month, don't miss the ELTons, the annual awards celebrating...

Rachael Roberts - Realia

Rachael Roberts
According to Wikipedia, ‘in education, realia (pronunciation ree-ah-lee-ah) are objects from real life used in classroom instruction by educators to improve students' understanding of other cultures...


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pelinzo's picture pelinzo

I totally agree that exam students can become autonomous but some are more than others.

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CMcLellan's picture CMcLellan

Hi Wassim,
Thanks for your comment - there are a lot of pronunciation resources for...
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wasimkamran's picture wasimkamran

I want to know the base of pronunciation especially for non native speaker.

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