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      Hello Everone

      I can see we have so many teachers looking for students. I am a teacher but...
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      A nice brainstroming activity before start the whilst activity in classroom, nice share

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      Chuck Sandy

      Thanks so much for your comment Torn Halves, and forgive me for not seeing it earlier. The only...
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      I agree, humour is something that cannot necessarily be learnt. Observing lessons, I have found...
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      A helpful article about this theory conveyed to a down-to-earth stage. We, as teachers of...
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      Santhan Lawrence

      Yes, I can help you to improve your English

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      This lesson plan is very helpful to plan lessons at primary level.

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      Thanks for the article. It made good reading. I particularly found strategies to manage stress...
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      Menna El-Faramawi

      thanks i have started already thanks

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      Khuraman Safarova

      I like your drawing. How fast you are! But I can't.

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