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      Well, hello everyone!I am an English teacher from Malaysia, teaching in an Indian estate located...
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      zakia erum

      its very interesting to create print enrich environment

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      I have used this kind of activity but for the groups of four or five students, they need to find...
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      I was teaching them novel reading with differentiated instruction but the group of 12 was...
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      Jean Frog

      Hello everyone,

      Glad too see that I am not the only one wondering about the very...
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      I don't teach languages on Skype but I teach singing and it works wonderfully. Everything you...
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      The worst thing about your last comment is that it is subjective rather than objective It can be...
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      I will be working as a volunteer in Uganda later this year, specifically training...
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      HI Everyone,
      can anybody tell me how can i improve my English conversation through skype...
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      Marek Kiczkowiak

      Very interesting post, Larry.
      I think I've been going about it the wrong way, i.e....
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