The latest in our series of video tips is about being a teacher. What's important to you as a teacher? How do your students see you?

See what Christine and her students say and leave your comments below.



I really liked what Christine had to say about being a good teacher. And she gave good tips on how to remember names. I'll use that.

Hi,thanks for this. This was really interesting to watch. I really liked Christine too. She´s a warm and practical person, and you can see that she really cares about her students.The part that stood out for me was the ¨individual needs¨section. She took the trouble of investigating and responding to the characters of her students, and factored them in as to how she delivered class, so as not to put embarrassed and shy students on the spot, and also deal with louder, more jovial students without repressing them.Viva Christine, I shall endeavour to be more like you as a teacher.PS. It was lovely to see how much the students noticed and appreciated Christine´s care as a teacher. 

Genuine interest in students' abilities and personal needs/character is what counts most in class...despite having devised the perfect lesson plan and delivered it..

Hi everyone,Great video thank you!I liked the tips Christine gave for the first class. It is important to tell students what you expect from them at the very first day and by the students feedback on the video they like it "we are very clear what we are going to do in the whole semester". Thanks Christine!Cheers,Ivone

Christine must be doing a really good job, its not easy for pupils to feel that way about their teacher!

It is vital to have a good rapport with your students. You can build up this rapport through time but you should start it from the first day with your class.
Regards and best wishes

Really good video, and it also raised some really good points that deserve an entire topic on its own.  We as teachers should be aware of how we are perceived by the children we are in charge of. 

Honestly (seeing these short clips), I went back to my teens, when a lady in our neighbourhood, missing her son studying in a boarding school far away, got me involved in learning English.
I see many thoughts and feelings expressed by Chrstine were of major concern more as someone keen to help students rise above their potentials rather than just deliver a set of lessons. Indeed, Christine's genuine concern for a shy students' personal shell not being tampered with in the process of making them communicative is praise-worthy. Confidence in instilling values and setting Goals well in advance are certain to make students selfsufficient as the semester opens up as per set plan. She has a way of rolling in one, both discipine and respect for set Goals through student's individual effort, by way of evoking consequences of not abiding by the rules of the learning game. Her methods and the trust she has in them finally pay her in terms of being likeable, in spite of herself.
The presentation is a happy union of promoting prospective students to opt learning with her on one hand, and persuading budding teachers to at least try out some of her ways in approaching demands of teaching itself on the other. A set of clippings, less than five minutes (watched over and over), could virtually achieve so much is incredible to put it honestly and in plain words.
Thank you.

Christine, must be so rewarding to hear positive comments like that from your students!


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