Since its development in the 1950s, brainstorming has become one of the most common techniques used in meetings to generate ideas. However, despite its clear benefits, the technique has its faults and many improvements have been suggested and analysed. This lesson aims to provide practice of brainstorming at the same time as exploring possible improvements. The second half of the lesson focuses on the necessary follow-up to brainstorming: evaluating ideas. This means the lesson covers two of the key language functions of meetings: making suggestions and agreeing/disagreeing.

Topic: Brainstorming and evaluating at meetings
Level: Intermediate (B2) and above

  • To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of brainstorming as a technique for generating ideas.
  • To teach some useful phrases for making suggestions, agreeing and disagreeing.
  • To provide practice and feedback of the situations of brainstorming and evaluating ideas.

Plan components
Lesson plan: download

Worksheets: download

By Jeremy Day

The plans and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format - right click on the attachment and save it on your computer.

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There appears to be a minor problem with the lesson plan.Point 5: Useful phrases for evaluating ideas - the graph of suggested answers is basically blank. Without anything, at least on the axes, it is a bit difficult to use...Otherwise useful.

Thanks for spotting the missing text! We'll fix this as soon as possible.Sally

In the worksheet download, it says students are supposed to fill in gaps in the text with the terms given. However, there are no gaps in the text and the words are already filled in. Or have I misunderstood?

Hi Estrellita-bonita,
You are right, there should have been gaps in the text in the worksheet. It's been corrected now. Thanks very much for letting us know!

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