Do you use songs in your lessons? How? Watch how Seema uses them and then share your ideas below!



Absolutely! :) I've also used Johnny and June Cash's 'If I were a carpenter' to introduce the second conditional to my P6's (11 year olds).

They are very happy using songs and they can learn easily new vocabulary. Videos are used too..thanks for sharing...

To contextualise the language ('Where is ....?' and 'Here I am!') in the song 'Where is Thumbkin' (and to learn the names of all my students in the beginning of the year!), I extended it as you saw in the video. I ask for each child and sing it through with them giving them a fun way to practice their greetings. I don't end with 'Go away!' (as is on the original song) but with common greetings such as 'Have a nice day!' and 'Nice to see you!' They love it and use these greetings when they meet me outside the classroom.Really useful with absolute beginners, I think!Seema.

Could you tell us exactly what you see on the page when you try to watch the video so that we can help you? It seems to be working fine here right now.Thanks,Sally

I want to share 2 songs I've used recently which also involve social issues and a brief description of activities I used as follow-ups. Both songs can be easily found on the internet."Don't Laugh at Me" - I chose this for a class where some children were particularly cruel to others who were less popular. We discussed why children laught at each other, how children feel when they're laughed at, how the children laughing feel and what else they can do to feel good about themselves without making others feel bad. Now we're staging the song with each child playing one of the "misfits" and plan to perform it for the school."Who Says" (sung by Selena Gomez) - We talked about why some people try to make others insecure and how they feel about themselves, how the person singing feels and how the person she's singing to feels. They had different ideas about to whom she's speaking in different parts of the song. Then I took out different costumes and told the students to prepare themselves for "auditions", using whatever they need to look and feel their best, thinking about whether they need anything at all. Some, like in the song, were comfortable as they are, some chose to use small accessories and some became someone else completely.In both cases they learned and gained confidence in their English,  but also learned something about themselves.

Thanks for sharing your song activities here Kara. These two look great!Sally

Seema, congratulations, the way you show how to do it is awesome, it has also worked for me as I teach nursery to kids 1 and 2 years old, there is no other way to get their attention and having them sing all the songs and communicate is really a gift. regards


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