If you have Chinese-speaking, German-speaking or Spanish-speaking students in your class, why not ask them to do the Vocabulary Challenge?

Have your students ever wondered how many English words they know? If so, they can try the British Council’s Vocabulary Challenge to check their English word knowledge!

By taking the Vocabulary Challenge your students are not only testing their knowledge but they are also supporting Unicef. Every time a student enters a correct word, the British Council will give 1p (£0.01) to Unicef until our £2,000 target is met!

Try the Vocabulary Challenge now



Does the BC supply complete courses from just beyond basic to advanced?
I am teaching English to an adult with a speaking dissability, an operated cleft palate. So we need a slow approach, concentrating on pronunciation.

Hi Marinus

Thanks for your question. We have a wide range of teacher training courses available which you can find on the site here:
There are several courses on assessment and inclusive practices that might be interesting for you and your learner. You can also have a look at individual modules - we have some on pronunciation specifically.
You can also take a look at our free lesson resources for adult students here:

I hope some of this will be helpful.

TE Team

It's great activity.Isn't it such activity for Indians.There is great vocabulary problems for Indian English learners.

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