Our World Cup 2018 lesson plan for teenagers and adults at B1 level and above includes a quiz and a reading activity.

Cath McLellan

In this lesson, students will discuss sports in general and find out about the World Cup 2018 though a quiz and a reading activity. The lesson is based around a reading text from our LearnEnglish Teens website.

Finally, students will work in pairs to research and create a presentation about one of the World Cup qualifying countries. Depending on resources, this could be an online presentation or a simple poster, with research done either in class time or at home.


  • To practise sports vocabulary and collocations
  • To develop speaking skills through discussion and giving a presentation
  • To practise reading skills
  • To develop research and presentation skills


Teenagers and adults


CEF level B1 and above


90 minutes 


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded below in PDF format




Thanks for the great lesson plan! My (mostly male) students will love it! I just want to ask were I can find the exercises about the text. I only see the correction of the exercises in the downloads.

it's a wonderful & up-to-date Course Plan designed for improving many language abilities of B1 Level students, including verb-phrases usage, scenes-description, World-cup knowledge-store, information-seeking & recording, teamwork discussion, and presentation-management...
We can also divide it into small pieces, such as activities & games, and put them before the formal classes as warm-ups or interesting make-ups.
Quiz part can been enriched and more knowledge points can be added in, alongside 2018 World Cup's on-going. Meanwhile, information's level can be upgraded from some searching website such as Wikipedia, BBC videos, even Facebook, and so on.
In addition, more sentences of self-reflexivity and self-expressions from teachers or students can be added in Task 1verbs-filed vocabulary, through interviewing students from their mother tongues.
Finally, Give a 'like' to this course plan!
Hopefully, we can enjoy 2018 World Cup as one of the biggest events of this year!

Hi Arya,

The tasks on the worksheet here are numbered to correspond with the tasks on the lesson plan. On the lesson plan, tasks 4 and 5 involve activities and resources from LearnEnglish Teens, not from the worksheet here, so that's why there isn't a task 4/5 section on the worksheet here.

Hope that helps and that you and your learners enjoy the lesson!

TeachingEnglish team

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