Unit 1 is an introduction to the content of the whole Teaching Speaking series and contains clips from the other 8 programmes in the series. This unit contains a short video, interactive reflection activities and PDFs with additional activities, answer key and further opportunities for reflection. If you are a teacher trainer and are planning to use the material in a face-to-face context, there is a set of trainer notes for each topic.

One of the aims of this session is to help you or your trainees see the differences between accuracy and fluency and to understand why each is important. You or your trainees are asked to think about some of the key problems that students face in your context. Are they mainly problems with accuracy or fluency – or both?

The videos in this series express the view that “English language teaching has the same challenges the world over”, but that the solutions to these problems depend very much on the local context, and for this reason the approach taken focuses on tasks that enable the participants to relate the video to their own specific practice and experience.

Interactive task
Watch the video below. It shows Montakarn, Pathumporn, Sumalee and Supote talking about some of the challenges for them when they are teaching speaking skills. When you have finished watching the video, match the correct statements to each speaker by dragging them into the boxes provided.



Very nice. I am sure to have a look at all the episodes.Thank you.

Indeed, this macro skill is often neglected. as a result, learners lack oral communication skills. They are not able to verbalise their thoughts since they are afraid to commit mistakes. Also, they lack the facility on the use of the English Language especially that here in the Philippines, such is not the mother tongue of most Filipino learners.

Amazing! Since we, as teachers, have to step back and grant our students the real opportunity to express themselves independently.

I want to use this material in China and unfortunately access to the internet is not reliable in class. Is there anyway to download the DVD? Thank you very much.

Hi DebraAnna

Unfortunately our videos are not available for download, only for streaming in class.
Sorry about that.

TE Team

There are many ways of teaching speaking. I feel that it is possible to make children speak English even in a remote corner of a village in India. Most of my students are speaking English spontaneously. I am working in a Secondary school in a village. I think a teacher can make the children speak English without any latest teaching aids. A black board, a piece of chalk and a competent and confident English teacher are enough.

This video teaches we who to be good teacher to students. I feeling how learn English is funny. But there some prolem getting started. so how are we now for commitment and konsistent in lean English.

In the Philippines, where I do live, most teachers are focusing on book. I hate focusing on book. I love speaking. Only few teachers conduct a debate forum. Speaking must be mastered because it is highly needed for public speaking, and the clever you become in it, the confident person you become.


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