This free training module provides an overview of the issues of assessing English as a foreign language for young learners.

The materials in this toolkit were developed as part of a British Council funded research project which explored teacher attitudes to assessment and their training needs.

In this module we will explore why assessing young learners might be challenging and offer some practical suggestions. Download the 'Assessing young learners toolkit' below to find out more.

The emphasis in the materials is on practical approaches, but in line with our participants’ stated needs it includes a basic introduction to theoretical perspectives. Each of the five topics can be read as a stand-alone unit. We would, however, encourage readers to read all five units. The training materials cover:

To find out more about the research by Huddersfield University, read the research report 'Assessment: attitudes, practices and needs'.



Hello Avishek
I'm not sure if that phrase is related to this article and Powerpoint (!), but the phrase means that the person you sent the e-mail to didn't respond. For questions about learning English or specific grammar or vocabulary, you can always look at our LearnEnglish site here: You can find plenty of resources there.
Best wishes,

TE Team

Thank you for the informative toolkit.
Technical Feedback:
Audios in slides 15, 26 work like a charm.
Hyperlinks in slides 6, 28, 38 do not work.
I assume those were available during the session? Ta.

Thanks for that feedback - I will check the links and see if I can get them back up.

Best wishes,

TE Team

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