A short series of activities designed to provide students with essential vocabulary and listening practice to help them communicate in English about technology.
Derek Spafford

This activity provides short listening practice based around a monologue regarding technology. The monologue provides observations of the speaker’s feeling about using technology.


To practise listening skills
To improve students’ vocabulary and speaking skills specifically related to airports

Age group:



CEF level A2-B1


30 minutes plus time for developing the theme


The lesson plan, transcript and student worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below

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Nowadays technology is important in our lives but people must consider do other mental and physical activities near the nature and thus take care of health and rest.


i want to know if I can use the resources available at teach english for adults in my class room. These resources are the audio clips, the tape scripts , the work sheets etc.

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Thanks for your comment - all the resources on our site are free for you to use in class with your students. Just click on the links to open the files, and then you can save them on your computer.

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Depending on the computer (and keyboard) you are using, you can press the Shift key and F10. This will make the menu that appears when you right click pop up.
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