What is mobile learning, or m-learning?

Watch Chris talk about how he uses mobile devices in class, then leave a comment below if you have similar ideas.

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It would be very helping to use mobiles in class for learning english ,but most students prefer using their mobiles just for listening to music or talking to their friends.

My students, when instructed to interview tourists in English while on a school trip in the north of their own country, put their phones to good use and made videos of the experience which they were able to watch while writing up their reports. Thank you for your ideas for phones in the classroom!


I've always enjoyed reading your blog regarding mobile and this particular post was especially good. Thanks for sharing it.

How can I use this method in my classroom because in my country it's against the school rules to use mobile phones in the class. After watching this video I really like it if I can use this way to teach my learners! It actually motivates students and makes them feel excited when using a wide range of useful apps on mobile phones! Thanks a lot!

The learning methods will keep changing as like a child asking,teacher...I cannot understand the way you teach, teach me the way I can understand. M learning has been introduced to commercial institutions to replace the massive network training colleges. The expenses and time are slashed; instead nuggets to study, stream down to their mobiles. schools too, will leverage saving time and money. Misusing mobiles is an age related issue, to be psychologically addressed.


I've check the video link and it is working fine here. Perhaps you could try using a different browser to see if that helps. Let us know if you are still having problems.


Hi Chris form Argentina!

I think you've brought a solution to a problem, so I won`t have to ask children to turn off their devices, but let's work with it instead. Although not every child has got a mobile phone, most of them have got one, so I'm sure they will be willing to share their devices or explain some classmate how to use their mobile phones.


Hello Chris. I am a teacher of English in one of Russian villages. Unfortunately there is no computer and other devices for me to show them presentations or videos in the classroom which are just necessary at the 21century lessons. But mobile phones are available for every student. And they are always there for us for different activities))


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