Date: 15 December 2011

Theme: In this session we will explore what works in CLIL. We will stress the final L in CLIL. Learning will be the focus of the session. In addition, we will unpick what is meant by CLIL in different contexts. Finally we will look at some strategies that are practical, learning centered and inclusive.

Watch a recording of the webinar:
You can watch the webinar here:

About the speaker: Noreen Caplen-Spence is a teacher and a teacher trainer based in Canterbury. She loves travelling and enjoying the arts wherever she happens to be.



I would like to join this webinar live and I can´t find the place to apply for it. 

Hi there - I've just opened registration, so you will be able to sign up!Rob

Hi, I have opened an account in adobe connect but I cannot join the webinar live today, I don´t know how to do it. Is there still some chance? 

HiDon't worry - the webinar is tomorrow! You'll receive an email from us in the next few hours with details on how to join.See you there!Rob

Hi, I was so enthusiastic about joining the webinar today but technically I am unable to connect. I don´t know what I do wrong. I have posted a comment with the links I wanted to comment upon. 


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