What is mobile learning, or m-learning?

Watch Chris talk about how he uses mobile devices in class, then leave a comment below if you have similar ideas.

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Chris I enjoyed a lot your idea.I´ve been doing it in my classroom.After seeing your video I´ve got one more idea using pictures to do speaking activity.I usually ask to my students to interview teachers and also record it when they go back to the classroom they listen to the interview and write a short paragraph and report it to the group.

Hello Roberta, I very much like your idea of interviewing teachers. Mobile phones have video or audio recoring options, so one can exploit either, at different times. Students can also interview others such as friends/family members and then a variety of activities can be set to use such recordings in class. Virna 

I had a private student who was blind.  I recorded all or parts of our lessons and emailed him the audio file.  He found it very useful.  I have also recorded student presentations which they give to the class.  The student can take the file as a record of their abilities at that time, and I can take the recording and plan future lessons based on their errors.

I´ve been doing a research on mobile learning and I am reading a book about this theor.y The autor is Nobert Pachler and he is coming to Brazil in september to participate in a congress of technology.I´ve been using activities in my classroom with mobile and It´s been a success.

We got to think more about these tactics that most of the times are underestimated when they can be a quite interesting way to get our students attention, interest and commitment.
Good Stuff, Thanks a lot Chris.

It's amazing to use technology in classrooms like that. students feel funny and enjoy using these techniques.

Thank you for this great idea. Students, specially younger ones, enjoy just the idea of having their mobile in their hands, and so using it during the lesson in order to learn will be great both for them and for us as teachers and they will become more interested in what they are doing. I really think it is a good idea.

I enjoyed this video, this is an interesting method, i like when students show their own pictures and explain them, i think this method gives students the confidence they need to learn some vocabulary.

Thank you Chris for this interesting and informative video on how you use mobile learning in your class. Will show it to students.                                Best wishes


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