Do you think about colours, fonts and grouping when you use a board or prepare a presentation?

Watch and listen to Tony's ideas and leave your comments below.



Very intresting video!!!
When I prepare a presentation, slides take me some time...
I tried to avoid too much information there.
What you are saying is the most important thing, and slides are there to support it - so, it's difficult to design them.
I think about the fonts and colours, but what Tony says about fonts is new for me.
Thanks a lot,

Thank you!It's been very helpful to learn that:

  • Yellow is supposed to be particularly memorable.
  • Blue is good as a background (but tiring on the eye as subject text).

Just yesterday I was working on a power point presentation. I'm using Office 2007 and this and 2010 are sooo complete that you can easily get lost. Fonts, templates, designs, animations ... and you can end up producing a nice piece of work which educationally doesn't achieve the objectives.I tend to empirically use some similar concepts but knowing that there is something more scientific that you can use is a great relief.I am sharing this link to my colleagues ... I think it is absolutely newsworthy. I wish there were more technological tips from this has some interesting downloads too.Congratulations and thank you very much

I agree that this video is very useful and helpful for teachers who make power point presentations for teaching. I also have learnt some new information for me. Thank you very much.

It's really informative. I often make ppt presentations for my lessons.We were told by our mentors not to use brighter colours as red and yellow. But your video provides useful information about colours.

It is a useful vedio talking about using new ways in presentation. But I need also wasys of presentation with traditional. You present some but you did not focus in using boards in presentation.

Hi Sally,The link you posted doesn't seem to go to anything on whiteboards. Could you check the link? Or do you think that this post has since been removed?Thanks


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