What is mobile learning, or m-learning?

Watch Chris talk about how he uses mobile devices in class, then leave a comment below if you have similar ideas.

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Hi Rob and Chris Thank you Chris for this interesting and informative video on how you use mobile learning in your class. Will show it to students; it will be good to listen to their ideas on the use of mobile devices as a useful learning tool. Best wishes   Lauren

It's really interesting and creative to use the mobiles to teach Eng. In fact in my school the Ss are not allowed to use their mobiles during the lesons, I am an exception to this of course :)) So tomorrow I am going to take my daughter's mobile, which I have just bought as a present for her, to use in my class for speaking activities. I believe Ss will find it really enjoable. The most difficult thing for me is to make them speak English confidently and fluently, instead they speak in Turkish and then say "I 'm sorry Mrs!" , but tomorrow everything will be different! Thanks to British Council...Thanks to Chris...It will be my victory tomorrow :))

We  are used to telling our students to turn their mobile phones off, but with this we are going to take advantage about using it like a learning strategy! well done Chris and mate!!I am going to share this great strategy with my colleagues!!Thank you!! 

Interesting video. Could I ask if the students record themselves one by one (so the classroom's quiet) or do they do it at the same time? Also, what sort of feedback or follow-up activities can you do after they have recorded themselves?

Hi everyone.Thanks for your comments.I usually get students to do it all at the same time - if they don't shout it works fine. It'd be embarrassing for students to do it with others listening, I think.As for follow-up - it depends on the type of speaking they do - if it's for pronunciation, you can point out what they need to work on & get them to record themselves several times to hear if there's any improvement. If it's grammar / vocab - you can get them to listen for how they can improve and then do it again.On the point of privileged students - for many activities your students don't need expensive phones - even cheap ones often have cameras and voice recorders.Does anyone else have any ideas for how to use m-learning in class, especially in less-privileged settings?Chris

Hi Chris,I am an active training professional here in the Philippines and given our set up (not in all places can you find an internet connection) and geography (we have 7,000+ islands) it is very challenging to manage learning.I was once tasked to manage the development and training of staff/teachers (for one of the schools here) scattered around the country and what I found very useful is using a single USB drive that would allow multiple users (up to 10 teachers).  This would contain ALL their materials (videos, case studies and even exams) and then they could just synch this up to the server.It worked like a charm!!!  Distance learning solved and I was able to manage the learning of multiple staff at multiple locations.Should you wish to know my provider (for the mobile USB), do contact me or post a reply.Thanks and I hope this helps!Best,Roger

Ho Chris! For mobile phones with only call and text capabilities, SMS is the best solution. Teachers can text questions or any messages and elicit responses from the students via SMS as well. In this way, you can check the student's grammar and writing skills :)

We're telling our pupils to turn off their mobiles in the classes, but this is an interesting activity, not just for them but even for ourselves. The only problem here in Albania is that not all the pupils afford to buy a mobile phone because they are very expensive. Anyway, it's still perfect!


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