The Colourful Life of Calum McCall

      Ron Butlin's little tale is a dark little piece, in spite of the title. It's very much a story of loss of dreams and the erosion of natural wonder.

      This kit is part of a new section from BritLit, in response to teachers' enquiries.

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      Proverbs and quotations

      For years I have been writing quotations, proverbs and statements on the top left side of the board.

      I change them every week. When students come in they are eager to read what is there and discuss what they do not understand.

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      Exploring metaphors in the classroom

      When our students listen to pop songs in English, browse web sites in English or watch movies in English they frequently meet language rich in its use of metaphors.

      Yet metaphors are often rather neglected in the classroom. So what kinds of metaphors should we teach, why should we teach them and how can we do so effectively?

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      A House in the Country

      A House in the Country concerns a returnee, Ray, who has made enough money in London to rebuild a house in Colombo. He is helped by Siri, a young man from the country, and together they talk about building another house, in the country. This is set against the backdrop of Sri Lanka's ongoing civil war. When tragedy comes a bit too close to home, everything changes.

      Romesh Gunesekera was born in Sri Lanka, and has been living and writing in London since the 1970s.

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      Visiting Time

      When journalist Emma Brockes went to get material for a story about a man whose son had been murdered, little did she realise that it would result in the publication of a stunning short story called 'Visiting Time'. It is a story about revenge and accounting for actions, and has a twist that is both factual and literary, when the murderer changes from 'it' to 'him'.

      Emma's story was first published in 'New Writing 12', published by Picador, in 2004.

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