Linguistic Challenges to National Development & International Cooperation

This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 6th International Language & Development Conference, held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in October 2003.


Language and Development: Africa and Beyond

This publication constitutes the edited proceedings of the 7th International Language and Development Conference, held in Addis Ababa, in October 2005.


Kids and learning

kids and learning teaching kids article

As well as teaching English to our young learners, we can help them reach their full potential as language learners. Here are some tips and ideas on how to use materials on the LearnEnglish Kids website to help your pupils learn more effectively.

Engaging young learners
If learners are engaged in what they are doing they are more likely to learn. Small children need lots of short activities to keep them interested. Try alternating lively ‘stirring’ activities with calm ‘settling’ ones to harness the learners’ energy while avoiding over-excitement and providing variety. For example, on the topic of ‘jobs’, alternating stirring and calming activities might look something like this:

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Teen angst

Partly because I was always being asked whether my books Junk and Doing it were autobiographical, I started to write a memoir some years ago on my own teenage years, 14 - 19.


Kids and poetry

kids and poetry teaching kids article

Poetry is a great tool to use with your students as it helps practise not only listening, speaking, reading and writing skills all together, but stretches students’ imaginations too.

Using poetry in the classroom may seem daunting at first, but below you’ll find steps and tips to help you get your students appreciating and writing poems.

Introducing poetry

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Learning styles and teaching

Your students will be more successful if you match your teaching style to their learning styles.


Presentation for teachers

Do you think about colours, fonts and grouping when you use a board or prepare a presentation?


Personalised speaking

People spend a huge chunk of their everyday conversation time talking about themselves and the people they know, so the most natural thing in the world is for us to invite our students to do the same.


Pre-listening activities

Listening skills are hard to develop. Students can do a variety of work before listening to help them understand.


Revision activities

On this page you will find lots of ideas for classroom activities to help your students with revision.


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