Vocabulary records

When I write a new word up on the board, I rarely only write the word itself. I try to consider what extra useful information I should include.


Designing Business English programmes 1

Designing Business English programmes 1 - methodology article

This is the first of three articles on designing Business English programmes to suit students' needs.


Choral drills

I am always reluctant to use choral drills in my classes to practise spoken language but my learners’ reactions always prove me wrong.


Translation activities in the language classroom

word bubbles different languages

This article looks at the role of translation as an activity for learners in the ELT classroom.


Going off plan

It’s easy to digress in an open class discussion or even when talking to individual learners but I do so with great care, as I sometimes doubt the value of this.


Learners writing on the board

I like learners to write on the board but I try to be careful with this because there are dangers. I always do this activity when learners are in groups so I can give a pen to the group, not individuals, so there is no pressure on anybody.


Integrating homework and class work

Homework setting sometimes becomes an automatic reflex in my classes and its fit with my lessons and syllabus is dubious.


Preventing learners use of L1

When all my learners speak the same L1 and I speak the language too then I believe that it has a role to play in classes, but I am very careful with how big a role this is.


Making time for new words

When we are working with a text that has a lot of new words, like many teachers I try to limit the number to discuss with my learners, as too many can be counter-productive.


Making a difficult young learner group better

Why are some young learner classes successful and others a constant struggle?


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