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In last wednesday's ELTChat 'How do you teach writing? And How do you mark it', I vaguely accepted / was cajoled into...
I’m a Guest Writer. I’ve never been called that before.
I think that practicing reported speech is one of the most fun activities you can do with your students in order to get them writing.
How to be a good story writer?
“Today, we are going to do some writing.”
Why is it that so often when we announce a writing activity a groan goes up from the class?
  • In particular I have a number of teens who are always difficult when it comes to homework, so I recently turned them into ‘fleet street hacks’ for some fun writing exercises.I decided to use an episode of the Agatha Christie crime series Hercule...
  • Speaking activities are rarely greeted this way, and yet both are forms of communication, aren’t they? Or are they? Perhaps one of the biggest problems with writing activities is that so often they aren’t about communication: they’re about answering...
  • There is an inevitable groan that follows this statement. Heads drop. Complaints are muttered. Pencils that were on the desk a few moments ago suddenly disappear or need sharpening. The lesson either hits a lull or gets off to a painfully slow start.
  • The idea was to do this in a similar way to Jason Renshaw's recent 'Wondrous WhiteBoard Challenge', asking people to blog abou the different ways they teach writing, and, perhaps more specifically, how they correct, or comment on their students'...
  • These are some of the titles I’ve gone under: teacher, assistant director of studies, director of studies, teacher trainer, school director, head of teacher training, MA student, coursebook author, conference speaker, panellist, plenary speaker,...
  •  By Raja sir Values are given words and words are shared with the readers who try to get nearer to the values conveyed by the writer. Though I have taught Literature for more than two decades, I had never given importance to the fact how much...